Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Count The Stars.

I have made it quite official on my Instagram page, but not on my personal blog.  If you don't know, I'm one of the newest design team members for A Flair For Buttons - a quaint little Etsy shop containing a wide variety of beautiful, fun and trendy flairs.

I've mainly used my flairs for my 52 Favorites projects, which documents my favorite story of the week for a year.  But today I decided to add a little flair, (hehe), to this adorable layout.  The set I used is called "Say Cheese 2" and can be found HERE.

The layout itself is a sketch challenge for Paper Issues, and the "Star Gazer" Dear Lizzy collection.  I still have mostly all of the pieces to that line, and am trying to make my way through it all.  No more hoarding for me!

Along with the diecuts and stickers, I was able to incorporate flairs from Shelley's Etsy shop.  The colors match perfectly!

Thanks for checking in today, and please be sure to check out all her other stock of flair buttons!


Thursday, April 19, 2018

Guest Designer - Pebbles, Inc.

Hi Dolls!

How difficult it's been to contain my excitement for the past few months?  Very!  I'm thrilled to be working as a Guest Designer for Pebbles this month.  I've been keeping this huge secret in a vault, with very little Instagram hints... maybe... lol; and I'm ready to burst!

As you know, I am a huge fan of keeping my hands busy with paper supplies.  I made a couple of projects to inspire you with today, so sit tight and grab a cup of your favorite beverage. 

The first share is a layout I made using a ton of Pebbles' "Patio Party" supplies, hand stitching, and my Silhouette Cameo V3 machine... (see below for a detailed list).  I tend to print my photos in black and white, allowing more emphasis and focus on the patterned paper and design.  Also, the layout has a more "vintage" feel; which I enjoy from time to time.  The scene was created to resemble a life size garden.  Maybe something out of Alice in Wonderland; full of flowers, grass, a large picket fence, lawn decor and even a giant watering can. 

When I initially photograph my layouts, I tend to leave out the journaling.  I create specific spots on my layouts where I'm able to squeeze in my thoughts without disturbing or interrupting the rest of the layout.  I used to leave out the journaling and "speak" about where it would go, but I feel photos help explain things better.  Which is why the clouds in the next few photos are blank.  I purposely used the grid "Just For You" patterned paper from the collection, to help me keep my writing somewhat straight.

I cut the grass using a thin metal die and the word "Garden" was made with a free cut file called "Paint Outline Alpha" (see below).  A lot of the extra little touches are die cuts and stickers, topped with beautiful dimensional butterfly stickers from the collection.

The majority of the work (believe it or not) was in the stitching.  Everything else came together fairly quickly.  Because there are so many beautiful patterns in this collections (both sides of each sheet), I tried to incorporate as many as I could on this first layout.  Cutting out words or elements and backing them up with patterned paper is one of the ways you can use your supplies and showcase the product on your layouts.  I love the whimsical feel of this page.  It's clean, yet full of life; all at once.

One thing I will say is that I don't always start out knowing what I want to create, but the Patio Party collection did inspire me to sketch something out before I got to cutting anything... here's my original idea.  I was lucky enough to find the watering can cut file (to match my sketch) in the Silhouette shop, as well as a fence.
As promised, I'm sharing all the items used on my project.

Garden Layout - Pebbles "Patio Party" Supplies: 
- Ephemera Cardstock
- Dimensional Stickers (butterflies)
- Wood Veneer Layered Stickers (printed)
- 12x12 Paper "Patio Life"
- 12x12 Paper "Citrus Sweet"
- 12x12 Paper "Just For You"
- 12x12 Paper "Bouquets"
- 12x12 Paper "Panels"
- 12x12 Paper "Ferns"
- 12x12 Paper "Mocktails"
- 12x12 Paper "Shady Spot"
- 12x12 Paper "Backyard Blooms"
- 12x12 Paper "Painted Beetles"
- 12x12 Paper "Breezy"
- Thicker Stickers (words printed cardstock)
- 6x12 Cardstock Stickers (icons & phrases)
- "Paint Outline Alpha" Free Cut File
- White Cardstock
- Needled & Thread
- Nuvo Crystal Drops (white)

Now let's move on to the next page!

What's great about Pebbles' cardstock is that it comes with border strips.  On one side of the 12x12 sheet there's a full strip of patterned paper (matching the collection), measuring less than an inch thick.  On the other side is the name of the sheet.  I pulled out the paper that had the striped edges and cut those off to make top and bottom borders on my next layout.

This next project is just as busy, but I used a dark background in order to make the colors come alive!  Again, I used my Cameo to cut the "Bubbles" free file (see below), and kept it white.  Incorporating cardstock stickers and ephemera, I was able to build my page nicely, and topped it off with a fun title, with just enough room for journaling.

To be honest, I could not decide between three different tags to use from the "Just For You" patterned paper.  All three colors and designs were perfect for this layout, so I ended up using all three in a cascading layer.  I'm still able to see the peekaboo colors / designs, without having too much clutter on my project.

I really had fun with this page... pulling from the colors in the photo.  It was a simple collaboration of greens, blues and pinks.  Take a look at the supplies used below.

Party BIG Layout - Pebbles "Patio Party" Supplies: 
- Ephemera Cardstock
- Wood Veneer Layered Stickers (printed)
- 12x12 Paper "Patio Life"
- 12x12 Paper "Citrus Sweet"
- 12x12 Paper "Just For You"
- 12x12 Paper "Bouquets"
- 12x12 Paper "Tablescape"
- 12x12 Paper "From Me To You"
- 12x12 Paper "Ferns"
- 12x12 Paper "Scattered Posies"
- 12x12 Paper "Mocktails"
- 12x12 Paper "Backyard Blooms"
- 12x12 Paper "Recipe Cards"
- Thicker Stickers (words printed cardstock)
- 6x12 Cardstock Stickers (icons & phrases)
- "Bubbles" Free Cut File
- White Cardstock

When I've completed a project or two (if I'm using the same collection), I tend to gather the scraps remaining pieces to create with.  Simply because I really don't enjoy waste.  If I don't use it for something, then I share it with my son or the teachers at my church for classroom projects.  This time around, though, I used the majority of the scraps from my first two layouts to make a couple of handmade cards.  I wanted something easy to build, yet pretty.  The "Patio Party" collection allowed me to do just that.

Handmade Cards - Pebbles "Patio Party" Supplies: 
- Single-sided 6x6 Paper Pad
- Ephemera Cardstock
- Dimensional Stickers (flowers)
- Wood Veneer Layered Stickers (printed)
- Puffy Stickers Words & Icons
- Safety Pins (gold)
- 12x12 Paper "Bouquets"
- 12x12 Paper "Glow"
- 12x12 Paper "Patio Life"
- 12x12 Patterned Paper scraps
- White String

I appreciate you taking the time to visit with me today, and hope you have found some inspiration.

Please feel free to leave a comment and follow me on social media. I am very active on Instagram... you will always find me sharing behind the scenes work and tips there as well.

Have a wonderful rest of your week!

x0, D

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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Girl Interrupted.

Hi Friends!

I'm sharing a pretty intense layout today.  Really going deep into my life, my faith and who I am as a person this time around.  This year I want to share more of those secret areas of my life, as I feel it may benefit many of my readers and followers.

As you know I am a Christian, and a lot (if not all), of my values come from my belief in Jesus.  That being said, I have a testimony that I don't normally share, and I won't go through all of it today, but I will say that I've come a long way from how I was when I lived in NYC 11+ years ago.  I came to Florida hurt, beating up inside, shattered and stabbed in the back by friends.  I came to Florida TO marry my best friend and soulmate, and I wasn't upset at the fact that I had to leave everything behind (even my closest family), if it meant also escaping from my past, and the agony that I had to face each day.  What I encountered once I settled in here, was that the feelings and pain I carried throughout my NY life tagged along with me.  I couldn't leave them on the plane.  Or shake them off at the airport.  They were my baggage.  And I didn't understand why I had to deal with all that if I was far away from the people who inflicted "all that" on me!?

But God.

God came in and restored my life.  He renewed my mind and gave me a vision for my future.  He changed the way I spoke about myself and my enemies.  He created in me a clean heart, and renewed a right spirit within me.  [Psalm 51:10].   I quote scripture, because scripture is God breathed.  It's heaven-ordained.  And the living Word of God activates something in the heavenlies.  It controls the atmosphere around us.  It charges the Angels and releases them to fight on our behalf.  The Word of God is pure and faithful.  It builds up our faith and gives us the power to fight against the negative thoughts.  It purifies our hearts and make us whole.  It gives us the energy we need to take on life's battles.  But all that takes time, and willingness on our part to say Yes to God and to His way of healing us; of doing things.  It takes commitment on our part.  It takes tapping into those areas of hurt and depression.  It takes showing our real and true selves to our heavenly Father, knowing He will not fault us or blame us or guilt us for our feelings, but that what we bring Him will be restored.  He will take those ashes from our past and transform them into beauty.  He promises that in His word.  "I'll give you beauty for ashes, and joy for your mourning".  [Isaiah 61:3].  What grander trade will you ever encounter on the face of this earth?

So this layout isn't necessarily about the collection itself, but how I strategically used those hexagons.  Three areas of my life I battled with.  My Mind.  I was consumed in my own thoughts.  Anxiety and fear created by a world I lived in - in my head.  I was afraid of everything and everyone.  My Lips.  I spoke badly about myself.  About myself to myself and to others.  I was insecure and I expressed that in my journals and in my poetry.  My Heart.  Shattered and frail.  Struck by unrequited love, time and again.  Failing to find what it most desired.

But God.

The hexagons are fragments of me that God worked on.  Is working on.  His Power and Love and Grace showered over me has been the sole reason for the change in me.  Anyone that knew the NYC me would tell you best.  Especially my husband.  He can tell you all about the times I locked myself in my closet to cry and scream like a mad woman!  Because one silly thing he said had triggered hurt and pain in me; causing me to shut down emotionally and break down quietly.  I was a girl headed down a depressive lonely path, but God interrupted that pity party and gave me purpose.  A reason to live.  A fresh set of eyes.  Something to hope for again.  And I'd love to share that same Power, Love and Grace with you.  No one deserves it on their best day.  It's not something that anyone earns.  It's freely given to all who want and need it.  No questions asked.  No paybacks.  No loans.  It's debt-free Love & Grace.  Just ask Him for help.  Ask Him for a change.  Ask Him to interrupt your plans with His will, and see how He works miracles in your life.

The layout is pretty.  It's fun and cute.  It's bright.  I used hexagons and spelled out the title "Girl Interrupted' with thicker stickers.  But the real beauty is in the message: "God takes our fragments, and puts them back together.  Not for our pleasure, but for His Glory and true purpose through us."

Give God your brokenness, and see Him create a masterpiece!

Supplies:  Crate Paper "Good Vibes" collection.  Silhouette machine.  American Crafts Thickers (by Pink Paislee).  Black pen.  Adhesive Pop dots.  Nuvo liquid adhesive.

I hope you will join the Facebook Friends & Fans group (link below), and share your projects with us under each challenge.  There are 2 winners chosen monthly, so the more you share the more chances you will have to win!

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Saturday, March 03, 2018


Hi Friends!

I'm excited to inspire you today with a new Scrap Soup challenge.  The concept is simple. You use all of the items on the list provided and create something with the supplies you have.  If you're running low, I have a solution for you, stick around!

3 embellishments, 6 hearts, 2 patterned papers, chipboard title, stamping

I tapped into my Cocoa Vanilla Studio collection "Bohemian Dream" stash for this page.  I've been hoarding it for a while, and I knew this photo was the perfect match.  I punched 6 hearts from the two pattern papers, used diecuts, flair and made my own rosette using more of the same pattern paper, stamped flourish circles on the cardstock (over the ink), and stamped the "paintbrush" type stamp from the stamp set, and cut that out in the shape of a tree branch, to perch the birdie on, I also used a chipboard word "Unique" as my title and left it white.

For the background I used a few different colored sprays and some stencils and added each layer as I went along.  I also ripped a few corners and curled those up for extra dimension.  I loved playing around with this and getting messy.  I created my own rosette, using a die, pattern paper, and added a flair to the center of it.

This was super fun to make!

Image may contain: text

I hope you will join the Facebook Friends & Fans group (link below), and share your projects with us under each challenge.  There are 2 winners chosen monthly, so the more you share the more chances you will have to win!

Now on to the restocking of your low stash.  There are tons of new collections and tools in the shop for you to choose from.  Take a peek.  Browse around.  Add stuff to your cart ... a little window shopping never hurt anyone!  And if you're serious about buying, just use my discount code!  It's 20% off your ENTIRE purchase.  Everything in your cart!

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Thursday, February 01, 2018

Happy Summer FUN - CSI Challenge

This year Paper Issues is teaming up with a few challenge blogs and companies to inspire crafters of all types to use their scrappy goodies!

CSI Challenge is a great place to find exciting inspiration.  The photo below is Case File No. 247.  The idea is to study "The Scene" and create a paper project inspired by your findings.  I was inspired by the season and color theme of this photo.  It's bright, it's colorful and it's tropical.  Living in Florida, we don't get many winter months, which is why this was the perfect challenge to play along with.  I reached for my summer collections, mainly Echo Park "Summer Dreams", but also a little bit of Amy Tangerine and even some vintage October Afternoon.

Starting with white textured cardstock, I began to build my layout, only using colors from the Case File, orange, pink, blue and green... I backed the Paper Issues "Carousel & Kites" free cut file with pattern paper, and punched colored cardstock with two Fiskars cloud punches. You can find the large cloud punch here and the extra large cloud punch here.

I used frames from the Simple Stories "Summer Days" collection to frame out the same photo in different ways.  I printed it twice, and decided to use both of the same... why not?  Hehe.

The rest was easy, adding the clouds, and the puffy stickers.  What a fun page this was to build and I'm so Happy I played along with the CSI Challenge team!

Paper Issues Shop - Use "Damaris" at check out for 20% off.
Paper Issues Friends & Fans Facebook Group


If you are interested in the summer collections I mentioned above, check out the links below.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Maggie Mashup.

What I have grown to love about scrapbooking in the last year or two is that although collections are constantly being updated and refreshed, a lot of what I already have in stock and what's new can be married to create an entirely new 'look'.  

That's kinda what I did with today's layout share.  I used three different collections by Maggie Holmes for Crate Paper, "Carousel", "Chasing Dreams" and "Bloom", but also Amy Tangerine's "On A Whim". 

The free cut file "Greatest Adventure" was designed by the lovely Stacie Ebnet Dietz - and I used that as the basis of my page.  I wanted to create a feeling of excitement on my layout and the stars border from that free cut file was the perfect way to bring that to the surface.

A lot of the effort to build this page was in backing up the stars with pattern paper.  It was a great way to use my scraps and my 6x6 paper pad.  The rest of it was ephemera and a couple of chipboard stickers; again, from various Maggie H collections. 

It came together fairly quickly for me, quicker than normal at least!

I'd love to see more of you share your projects in the Paper Issues Facebook Group (linked below).  Did you know that each entry to a challenge earns you a new chance at winning a gift card to the shop?  And once you're there, you can use my coupon code to shop for everything at 20% off!

Thanks for checking in and please see below for a list of recommended links.

Paper Issues Shop
PI Family & Friends FB Group

Have a great week!


Saturday, January 20, 2018

Discovering My OLW.

So let's talk One Little Words... if you have not heard about this year-long project, you should make your way over to the Ali Edwards blog for more details.  The basic concept is to choose one word that you will focus on the entire year and set goals wrapped about that word; so that you are not necessarily setting up resolutions that you're breaking, but weekly/monthly goals that you're able to work towards and keep.

It wasn't until the last week of December that I thought to use "DISCOVER" as my 2018 focus word.  I teetered between that and "Simplicity", but I decided to go with my original impression, especially since it leaves me room to be more creative with it.

I thought it would be fun to incorporate a new subject or topic to "Discover" each month, and create a page about it.  January's theme is all about glamour.  As one of my goals for this year, I vowed to focus on beauty products that will improve the texture of my hair and the tone of my skin.  Not to mention, maybe improve my wardrobe.  I can simplify what's in my closet, only keeping the pieces that absolutely suit my body and style.

The photo was taken on Snapchat and the collection I used for my first page is "Fashionista" by Echo Park.  I had been saving this line for a special project and I love how well it blends with the gorgeous Rose Gold Foil Large Alphas by American Crafts.  Cassie has a few sets left of those, so I would grab them before they're gone!

I did quite a bit of fussy cutting for this page, and I thought to keep it elegant, simple, yet dramatic.  I love the black & white striped background and the diagonal flow of flowers across the page and the title.  Every chance I get, I like to incorporate the "Bubbles" Free Cut File.  Whenever I have space on my cutting mat, I quickly add that single bubble and a few sizes and have them handy on my desk.  It's my favorite cut file, and I tend to use these messy circles on a lot of my layouts.

It's a thing.

I had such a fun time creating this page, and I'm so happy to be able to share that with you all.

Below you are going to find quick links to the Paper Issues sho and the Friends & Fans Facebook Group.  There are monthly challenges posted, and the more you play along, the more chances you will have to win a gift card!

Also, using the code "Damaris" at checkout of the paper issues show will save you 20% off of your entire purchase, and any purchase.  You will quality for free US priority shipping if you spend more than $60 after the coupon is applied.

I appreciate you spending a little time with me today.

Have a great week! 


Friday, January 19, 2018

Happy Lovely Heart

Good Morning and Happy Friday!

If you're up for some free cut file inspiration, today is your lucky day... I've teamed up with some of the PI Girls on the PI Blog to bring you different ways to use those fun files you can get at the Paper Issues shop.

You may (or may not - depending on how closely you look), recognize the pink pattern paper I used to cut the Butterfly Background Free Cut File.  It's one of the sheets from "Life Is Good" by Echo Park.  I recently came across various older collections that still make me smile, and I thought it would be great to marry the old with the new.  I'm all about assembling my own collection by mixing lines and manufacturers.  It's a thing.  lol  The pretty pink, with the delicate butterfly cut was the perfect combo for anything Maggie Holmes; which is exactly what I did.  I have 2 plastic sleeves full of MH products, and so I pulled out "Chasing Dreams" and "Bloom" and used a little of both lines to back up the butterflies, fussy cut more butterflies and add chipboard embellishments.

The background was created with a hexagon stencil by Echo Park and modeling paste.  I ripped the side of the 12x12 paper, simply because everything looked to "clean" and "perfect", and I wanted to liven things up a bit.  Backed the rip with a 6x6 MH pad and rolled the rips back in order to show a bit of the back side of the paper.  I just had fun with this page and I hope you found inspiration in what I have shared today.

 Whether you need inspiration, or want to share what you've created, be sure to visit the Paper Issues Friends & Fans group.  We're a fun community who likes to laugh and talk about pretty paper over coffee.

And don't forget to take advantage of my 20% off discount [CODE: Damaris], at the Paper Issues Shop!  Cassie Box truly has the BEST online shop out there.

Thanks for checking in today!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Snow Day.

What I love about the Paper Issues Design Team is that they encourage crafters to extract inspiration and ideas from each other.  There's always a layout to lift each week, and this time we're taking a close look at Kelly's FaLaLa page. I love the cut file she used, how she backed it up with pattern paper, and how she created space between her photo and the title.  This page drew me in and I wanted to create a mixed media version of it using American Crafts' "Sweater Weather".

The photo itself is of Gio at the mall; it's the closest he's every been to snow.  I have promised him that this year we will take a trip up north to visit family, but also play with real snow.  Hopefully I can make good on that offer.  You can see the enjoyment in his eyes as he threw up the faux flakes.  I loved this memory so much, that even though I scrapped it in my December Daily, I had to highlight it again on a layout.

I used two stencils and modeling paste to create the "snowy" background effect.  Used the negative snowflake piece from the "Stitching Snowflake" and "Lowercase Open Alpha" free cut files that are available in the Paper Issues Shop, and work great with the Silhouette and the Cricut!  I finished the page with some fussy cut pieces and stickers, from the same line.

I had a blast scrap lifting this page from Kelly Feldman.  Are you a member of the Paper Issues FB group?  Kelly creates a lot of the group threads, but what I love most are her live random crops.  She has such a grace when it comes to hosting live scrapping events.  Her layouts are always done in an hour or less, and she keeps a flow of conversation going throughout.  If you don't want to miss out, you should become a part of the group.  Each month the DT brings inspiration to the challenges posted, and each month they choose two winners!  The more you play along the more chances you have at winning!

As always, I've provided quick links to the blog, facebook group and shop below.  And remember that using the code "Damaris" at checkout of the paper issues show will save you 20% off of your entire purchase, and any purchase.  Also, you will quality for free US priority shipping if you spend more than $60 after the coupon is applied.

Have a great rest of your week!

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