Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Project Life [my way]

It wasn't until the middle of working on my December Daily, that I realized how much I did enjoy the plastic pocket system of documenting life.  I tried it before in a smashbook-style binder, and didn't enjoy it.

However, the idea of documenting your weekly life really appealed to me.  Why?  Because it would mean I would only have to really scrapbook once a week.  I would be working on the week prior's photos and journaling.  It seemed easy and doable.  Plus, the fact that I would be doing a lot of purging and downsizing of my craftroom, I knew I'd have the time & motivation to get it done.

Early January, our church did a 21 day fast to which we participated in.  You can read about it here if you are interested.  In any case, I knew I'd be behind a few weeks if I decided to start PL, but I didn't think it would be a problem.

My "Studio D" dehoardification is not yet complete, but in the photo below you can see how I store my PL cards.  I have a few partial kits that fit perfectly inside the Alex drawer units by IKEA, along with the very cool wood organizers that I found at the end of last year.

The photo below shows how I used to store those white cubbies on top of my desk.
But it looked too cluttered and messy.

Project Life is meant to simplify your life by printing out 3x4 & 4x6 photos, inserting journal cards into the pockets and writing down a little something about the photos.
However, I'm a true scrapbooker / smashbooker at heart, and I love to embellish, add pops of color, use stamps, wood veneers and anything to add dimension to pages.

So for week one, I tapped into that theory a little and crated a fun page.  

Weeks 2 & 3 were more calm and generic, but I really did it up big for week 4...
which you can see below.

I used a lot of fun bright colors, mostly from an old Amy Tangerine line, and added pops of other designers like Heidi Swapp, October Afternoon & Studio Calico.  You can even find some Recollections brand touches.

Here's a close up that I shared on my instagram of how I altered the wood polaroid frames.
I purchased these at Michaels.

Since I knew I'd be using October Afternoon's "Midway" Collection for the right side of week 5, I wanted to make sure that I incorporated fun/matching colors & embellishments on the left side also.

(these photos were taken without the journaling) 

I see each PL card as it's own smashbook page.
I like to add many layers, fun shapes and focus on making at least 1 thing pop on each card.

I'm still not done with my title page, but here's a sneak at what it's looking like.
I started this about 2 weeks ago and still have not had the desire to finish it.

There's no pressure to document your life weekly, especially if all you do is work long hours and only have time for fun things on weekends, you can make it a monthly project to work on.  Whatever best suits your life.

It's adjustable, and fun!

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Craftroom Revamping.

I'd like to think I don't have the messiest craftroom in the world, but it certainly does compete with many of the rooms you see on Hoarders, lol.  It's been 3+ years since we moved into this 3-story townhouse and I have changed the look of my craftroom around so many times, but each time it hasn't been exactly how I've wanted it.  And if we move this year, (which I think will happen because the place we rent is in foreclosure), I'll have to do this all over again... OY!  lol

On 12/8/12, I woke up with the unsettling desire to completely redo and revamp my craftroom.  I owe the sudden motivation to all the ladies in the Smashaholics Group on Facebook, that were sharing photos of their craftrooms. So if you were one of them, and you're reading this now, I dedicate this blog to you.

Thank you.

Here are photos I took in 2012 of the CHAOS I had with moving things around,
and with selling items from my stash.

The desk on the left is where I do my die-cutting.
The desk on the right is where I do my altered projects and mixed media.
(and for the month of December, where I do my December Daily)...

This corner of the room was dedicated to Smashbooks, Layouts, Cards and basic scrapbooking.

This is my "business" area, where I do my blogging, social media, shipping, etc.

All through 2013 I was on a "HOARD FREE IN 2013" kick.  Everything that was not being utilized was either tossed, sold or donated.  The closet in Gio's room had the most drastic change of all.  And even though I sold plenty of boxes and things, I still had too much.  The layout of my craftroom changed about 3 times in 2013, and yet I'm STILL not content with the functionality.

I don't know how it got to be this much.  I guess the shopaholic and hoarder in me figured I would SOMEHOW catch up to all the projects I put on my To-Do List.  29 mini albums, 20 smashbooks, 52 layouts a year, 52 cards a year, and more.  Isn't that insanity?

By the end of 2013 I knew I needed to downsize even more, but it wasn't until this week that I realized HOW MUCH more needs to go.

My ultimate desire is to be clutter free.  To only keep things that I absolutely know I will use soon and things that I use weekly.   I'm trying to be smart about it, not selling ink pads that I will regret later.  So it's been a real process.  A year long process.

And today, as I sit here looking at 8 empty cubbies that I sold (see pic below), I have the urge to just move everything out of my craftroom to the hallway.  Bring in the furniture and slowly add supplies.  Whatever is left is what I'll be getting rid of somehow.  That's my desire.

But realistically I have to wait.  My plan is to get different storage units and reorganize.  This is just the start of a huge project.  And the fact that we'll possibly be moving doesn't alleviate the time crunch I'm feeling.

I'll be sure to post more about this process, but in the meantime, you can check out my new Instagram Profile for weekly photos of projects I've been creating.

The girl who said she'd NEVER get into Project Life is now working on week 5.  I'm totally behind (due to the 21 day fast I had), but I'm totally fine with it.

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