123 - Girls Rule!

So let's talk edges.  When I think of this phrase I think of the right side of the page.  Not sure why.  I tend to gravitate to scrap in diagonals or towards the right.  This is what happened with today's layout share.

I grabbed my stash of the "Flourish" collection by Crate Paper.  It's been sitting on my desk for a week now, and whenever I'm in the mood to craft, I use what's handy.  This helps eliminate my hoarding tendencies.  Here's my motto - "If you don't use it when you love it, you won't use it at all!".  I'd like to say I came up with that quote, but I honestly don't remember if I heard it on a podcast or read it in a book.  For now, we'll say it's mine.  LOL.  And I give everyone permission to use it.  We don't need permission to have all the beautiful supplies we want, granted our allowance allows it; I wouldn't want anyone going into debt for paper and stickers.  But it's useless if it stays on a shelf or in a storage cubby without use.  The way to "Keep it forever" is to use it for it's created intention and display what you made.  This allows you to not only eliminate the hoarding, but also enjoy the beauty of it.

Okay, enough of my nagging.

 Today's page came together quickly... minus the sewing.  Everything went wrong with my sewing machine (user error), and I derailed from the layout about an hour's worth of time, trying to clean the sewing machine and replace the needles and make some more bobbins.  For some reason my bobbin making skills need work.

In any case, the design idea just came to mind.  I don't have fringe scissors, but regular scissors work just as well to create that fringe effect.  I placed the photos and ephemera on the left.  Added punched bows in the sewed spaces I felt had gaps, and used the negative thicker alphas from the "Here & There" collection to build my lower title.  The upper title was made with Rose Gold alphas from the "Flourish" collection.  Both by Crate Paper.

I finished it off with white nuvo drops and leftover messy bobbin thread.

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Come back tomorrow for another layout share!

x0, Damaris

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