Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Baby Shower Mini Album

Hi guys, this is my "current project" and it's taking FOREVER!!

Thank goodness I took photos as I did something new that just came to mind... I will share those photos with my thought process below. At the very end I will share a YT video showing you what everything looks like LIVE, (sort of) .. lol.

Okay so the first photo will show a Hero Arts background cloud stamp, a clear plastic piece that I am using from the packaging of some craft charms, brown Staz-On ink and the decorative inner part of the packaging that has a white empty square. I stamped the white portion of the backing and cut out the square.

I then added blue/green sticker letters by Creative Imaginations using a paper piercer and an Xacto knife to help position letters perfectly. It's best to place the letters from last to first in order to guarantee that your last letter will have room. I added teeny tiny blue and green star rhinestones before I glued the plastic casing over the cloud background in the hopes of making a shaker. It didn't work, but it still looks cute with stars inside.

The clouds were punched out of the baby shower wall decor with a Fiskars smaller cloud punch and added blue glitter glue to them. I made sure to adhere the clouds directly over the white cloud that is on the brown cloud background. As if the outer were mimicking it.

The photo below shows what I thought looked like a nice cover, but it seems plain. Thankfully I did not glue anything down so I was able to add faux stitching and move things around and change the banner color from pale blue to brown....

"Family" does not make sense on the cover, but it matches and has glitter... It kinda makes sense if it is read as "Our Family Baby Shower", but that's not how it's placed on the cover... so I might have to remove it... =(

The video below shows what I'm working on closer and what I need help with. I appreciate all your comments, ideas and critique. Thanks!!

x0, D

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Collective Haul & Current Project

This is a long video so if you can't deal with details, just skip through all the talk. I show a few things I purchased at Walmart, Joann and discuss my current project which is a mini album. I've never done one before and I'm a bit intimidated by it. If you can share any tips on mini albums, I'd really appreciate it!

Thanks for watching.

x0, D

Thursday, December 23, 2010

ULTA today

With my free (up to $10) level 3 gift, a $5 off $10 or more purchase coupon, and sale items, these four ULTA pieces totaled less than $8.00. The NYX lashes were 50% off.

I've tried lashes before and the glue just never worked right for me. I've had Revlon (I believe) and Ardell, and the glue just wont stay. I gave up on wearing lashes until I gave in today to try something else without knowing they were on sale... I'm glad I did. Let's see how/when I use them. I hope the glue doesn't let me down though.

The berry hand/body cream reminds of Country Apple from Bath & Body Works. Remember that scent back in the day? How come it was discontinued? I suppose I'll be returning there (the day after Christmas) for more sales. If not, I'll still go just for the rest of the "BERRY" ULTA collection; it's THAT good!

x0, D

P.S. The Urban Decay Naked Palette was no where to be seen!

Onesie Mini Album Project

I've been working on my baby shower mini onesie album for a WHILE now. I have been put on hold because my laptop is acting up by not printing pix to my wireless printer. I decided that I would start on the album anyway, even though I wanted to match the photos with the background paper.

The album is composed of 2 different onesie shapes. One set I found at my local scrapbook store in Lake Worth Road, Florida. The 2nd was on eBay. I needed more than 5 pieces (cuz I took so many photos). There was only 1 pack of the onesie album at that store and I snatched it up thinking it was discontinued and the last one left. My baby shower theme was "onesie" so I just HAD to get it. I figured I would find the exact same album on eBay, but I never did. I opted for a similar shape & size and blended the parts to be 1 of each stack in between each other. (still with me? - lol)

The stack from eBay did not come with punched holes so I had to pile them up evenly and draw a circle myself, punch it with my crop-a-dile and that's where I currently find myself.

With the fiskars cloud punch (in both sizes) I punched out shapes from my baby shower wall decorations thinking it would probably match the photos and look good in the album. I cut out the word "baby" from the wall decor and will also use that individually to make other words like "gAmes" or "Boy', etc. I have a few ideas and have not sketched anything, but what's really stopping me is not being able to print from my laptop. I can always copy the photos to the PC on the 3rd floor, but I like to be next to the printer (1st fl) to make sure it prints right and I don't have to reprint anything. Doing it the hard way will take TOO MUCH TIME!!

I'm pretty much ready to get started on my 1st mini album. Maybe next week (after Christmas and cleaning) I can do a few hours of something something...

The photo below shows an overview of what my craft desk looks like right now. .. and it'll stay that way until I get started on my mini album.

If you have any questions, just leave a comment.

x0, D

Hello Kitty

For those of you that might not have figured it out yet, I am a HUGE HELLO KITTY fan. I started collecting when I was a young girl in 1st grade. I don't have all the stuff I had when I was a little girl, but when I finally landed a real job (1995), I started up my collection again. I don't have as nearly as much as the people I've seen on You Tube, but I do have a nice stash. When I moved from our condo to our townhouse I did give away a lot of stuff. Only because I had just started seeing that show "Hoarders" and it freaked me out!! Haha. My dad is a big time hoarder and I was afraid I'd become one too. So I got rid of a lot of Hello Kitty items, some I sold and some I gave away. I now have about 2 huge long bins, a closet in my craft room, and my craft room full of Hello Kitty items.

Every once in a while I get the urge to get something HK because it's too cute to pass and the last purchase I made was this popcorn bin at Toys R Us before Thanksgiving. It cost $6.99. If you know me, you know that I only really purchase things on sale or clearance, so for me to spend $7 on popcorn is a stretch when I can make tons of it at home for half that price!! But I thought about how I'd use it once all the popcorn was gone and "splurged"!! (lol)

I've only eaten about 1/4 of the popcorn (with the help of my husband Axel), but once I'm done with it, I'll wash it out and use it to store some craft items. I especially love the design. I think if the colors were red and black I probably would not get it. I'm very particular about how I match everything in my craft room. Red does not belong!!

I believe you can still find these bins at K-Mart and Rite Aid, just incase you're wondering.

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!!

x0, D

"Mannequin" stamp

In the video below (4:10) shows a "mannequin" stamp that a recent YT viewer asked about. I can't remember where it was purchased exactly, but it was not Stampin Up.

I wanted to share a photo of how I used it for a birthday card this year. Which, ironically, was lost in it's "travel" to the recipient's hands and she was never able to see it. =(

The concept was to make the card look aged. It happened by chance because I accidentally dirtied the white cardstock with the residue black in on one of my fingers... ssshh... we don't have to tell anyone, do we? LOL!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hello Card

Here's a card I made months ago. I was thinking of creating a video that shows all the cards I've made the last 2 years. Do you think that would be fun to see? Maybe add some music? I will TRY to work on that next week. I just have to gather all the photos of my cards (at least the better looking ones) and get them sorted... I really hope I can do it soon.

x0, D

Day 6 - 12 Days of Christmas

So, I came back for another challenge. LOL. I'm addicted now after doing 1. This challenge is to post either a scrapbook page or a card layout with a Christmas theme.

I used glitter glue, ribbon, stampin up punches and had some paper left over to create a matching bookmark.

Please see the photograph to the right for my submission. Let me know what you think!! =)

Day 8 - 12 Days Of Christmas Challenge

So I came across a blog and decided to include myself in the giveaway. I hope it's not too late, but all I had to do was link my blog showing my project using specific colors... here goes nothing!! I didn't keep track of what I used, but what I can say is that I used dimentionals, staz-on ink, gems, DCWV Christmas stack 2009, craft cards & envelopes, Christmas clear stamp set, and a white Uniball Signo gel pen. I guess I should keep track of these things next time.

If you really must know the name of the stamp set, I can get that information for you if you ask.

x0, D

Baby Nursery Room Tour

I'm testing out this way of blogging. I went to my video list on Youtube, clicked on "share" and then "blogger" and this window popped up with a black box (that is below this text area) and hopefully it will work. This is just a test to see if I am able to share videos on my blog. =)

The video is just a quick baby nursery room tour. Enjoy!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Ending 2010

I was told to start a blog back in September. I already had this one, but never used it (as you can see). Before the year is up I wanted to get started on making this happen and get myself situated with a new layout and a new blog post.

So far I have 0 followers or readers (I think), but once I share my blog with my YT subbies I think I'll get a good following. I first want to focus on getting the layout and colors right before I advertise. I am "okay" with this Charmmy Kitty layout, but I wanted something more "adult", more cute with bright colors and a cute layout... something that has clouds and maybe owls. Not sure... since my "mascot" is usually Hello Kitty, I figured I'd start out with that.

It's Friday night 9pm and I'm home. My husband just started working nights this week and I thought it was going to be worse than it was. I don't miss him as much as I thought I would, but that's only because I tend to do my "own" things at night. And being that he's not around, I don't have to worry about catering to him. I cook early, we eat, watch a little TV and he's gone by 2:30pm. Leaving me the rest of the day to do housework, nap, read, blog (hehe) and shop online or hang out. What I have been doing is wrapping gifts, working on my blog, cleaning the house and taking care of my son who will turn 3 months on New Years Day.

My plans for the end of the year are as follows:
- Compile 10 things I want to accomplish in 2011.
- Get a new look (which I've already done - yesterday).
- Enjoy the holidays whether or not I get along with any particular family members.
- Purchase storage bins for all the new & old Christmas decor & supplies I purchased this year.
- Organize the garage and throw away anything we NEVER use.
- Reorganize my closet. It's not dirty or unorganized, just a little messy.
- Purchase 1 new handbag.
- Go through our "junk" drawer (everyone has one) in the kitchen and trash unnecessary items.
- Donate some of Giovanni's (my son) newborn clothes.
- Get a baby monitor and move him to his crib. Relocate the pack n play to the 2nd floor.
- Throw or give away any makeup I don't use.
- Reorganize my bedroom "junk" drawer.
- Start reading a new book.
- Write in my baby journal (I have more than 2 months to write about).
- Print baby shower pix and start on the baby shower mini album.
- Record at least 2 new YouTube videos. (For those that don't know I have a YT channel and quite a few videos uploaded about hauls, makeup, crafts and baby topics... my user is : Newlywedz06).
- Set a daily chore schedule for 2011.
- Do ALL laundry.
- Clean out, organize and finish my craft room. Since we moved I haven't officially been done with this room and I really want to get curtains put up and get all the Christmas stuff out so I can record a new room tour video for YT.
- Put stuff up on eBay for sale.
- Start writing my book.

I think that's a pretty long list to deal with only having less than 3 weeks left of this year. I hope to get through at least half of what I wrote... lol.

Anyway, I should get back to fixing my layout and doing my things. I hope to be back soon for more updates. Until then, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (just incase I get too busy and can't return).

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x0, D