Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Smash It!

I know I haven't shared a smashbook page in a while (I've probably only done it once, actually), but I wanted to share the latest page in my orange "Summer" smashbook.  I decided to NOT use any photos (kinda), and just use whatever supplies I had currently on my desk.  (I keep a messy desk full of everything so it was fairly easy to do)... hehe.

I colored in this Saturated Canary digi some time 2 weeks ago and was not sure I how I'd be using her until I decided to complete the above challenge (no photos).  The inspiration for this page came from my husband telling me to apply for the Intermediate Copic Certification class that is being given in Orlando, Fl this September.  I had colored 2 images right after I applied that day (which I used on 2 different cards), and this SI digi I ended up putting in my book.

I love the layout of the page and I love the colors.  I used pre-cut diecuts, stamps, washi tape and stickers.

x0, Damaris

OooOh, I almost forgot!!  Yesterday I received the acceptance email for the Intermediate Copic Certification class application!!  What a great way to start my week!!

1 - Design To Color - "Washi Tape"

Monday, July 30, 2012

Amy Tangerine [NY] Daybook

I won't go into the very lengthy details of what's in my Amy Tangerine Daybook, but I will say that I had so much fun putting it together.  I got this daybook from Yeya's Shop: www.2CreativeChics.com.

I was able to take a few supplies with me to NY and update my daybook whenever I had free time (which was usually at night).  

I tried to add as many pix as possible and tons of journaling.  I hope you enjoy seeing the photos.

(click on the pictures to enlarge)


Thanks for stopping by.
x0, Damaris

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

So Happy...

.... to be coloring again, hehe.
It seems all I've been working on is my smashbooks and my shopping addiction - lol.  It feels so good to make a card, just because.

I have had this Some Odd Girl image since it came out, but with all the busyness of shopping & packing for NY, I didn't have/make time to color her in.  To be honest I was a bit intimidated, only because I really wanted the bicycle to look realistic.  And what was more difficult than that (for me) was her hair.  The more I practice coloring, the more I try to challenge myself.  This time I tried to create some depth in her roots and some "shine".  I even added a NOSE!!  Something I NEVER do.  LOL.  Just because I notice that the SOG DT members usually elongate the digi's noses, and I wanted to respect and honor that.  I thought it was going to look weird, but it came out cute!

I decided to create a different shaped card and design an "outdoor" scenario for "Bicycle Kaylee", using the new "So Happy Together" paper pad by Echo Park.  The sentiment is a 7 Gypsies rub-on and the sun, clouds & grass were punched with Fiskars punches.  I added faux stitching (as always), and finished off the inside with a circle and more of that adorable sky view.

It's so fun and bright and makes me happy to look at.

I will be sharing my Amy Tangerine "New York" Daybook soon.  It's very bulky and full of tons of pix and memories... hopefully you'll be back to check it out.

Take care.
x0, Damaris


1.  Designed To Color - "Scene It".

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I Only Paid $7.95 Shipping!!?

Attention Shoppers: if you have not already heard about Blitsy (which I think is impossible since I'm always talking about it on facebook & youtube), then listen up.

It's a DEAL of the WEEK crafting website that offers BIG NAMES in scrapbooking and crafts at discounted prices; PLUS YOU EARN REWARD POINTS TOWARDS YOUR PURCHASES!  It's free to sign up for life.  It's free to keep your account.  You don't have to make any purchases ever if you don't want to.  Just browse the latest deals and if you like the price, you buy it.

The Catch.
1 - You must pay for the items in your cart within the hour or they will be taken out of your cart and put back in stock.
2 - You will receive a $10 reward [points] for each person that signs up under you and makes a purchase.
3 - You have up to 6 months to use your reward points before they expire, but you don't have to use them all at once either.
4 - You won't be able to browse the deals until you sign up.


Just invite your friends, family and fellow crafters to join you through your personal Invite Link (provided to you after you sign up for free).  Whether you have points or not you will have access to purchase all the items on sale.  But  you must act fast as the items are great deals and get sold out sometimes within a day and even within the hour of being put up.

This week Blitsy has the Tim Holtz Distress Markers bundle for $89.95 and/or $2.49 each marker.  There's also some items from Pink Paislee, Score-Pal, 7 Gypsies Postale, Tim Holtz pads and reinkers & more.  Just sign up in the link below and start saving on your favorite products.  

The website gets updated every Monday, Wednesday & Friday with new deals and new products.  So if there's nothing you want today, you will receive notices in the mail of new products listed.  Simply sign-in and add items to your cart.


Below is a photo of what I received today from the order I placed last week.  Can you believe I Only Paid Shipping!!?  It was $7.95 to ship all these goodies.  AMAZING!!

8 Sheets of 12x12 Teresa Collins paper - $10 val.
3 Brilliance Reinkers                              - $14 val.
2 Brilliance Ink Pads                              - $20 val.
4 Quickie Glue Pens                              - $12 val.
12 Sheets of Teresa Collins Diecuts       - $15 val.
Total                                                     = $78.95 (with shipping)

I paid $7.95 only for the shipping (because I used some of my reward points).  The items were reduced from it's original price, so I would've paid a portion of the total shown above anyway.  Great Deal!!

This is like my 10th purchase from them and I am still amazed everytime, at how much I save.

I want to share this with you so you can invite your friends and start earning rewards towards your purchases.  CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR FREE!!


x0, Damaris

Saturday, July 21, 2012

THIS, is why I Scrap!

Usually Giovanni runs around my craftroom knocking stuff down, breaking stuff, inking up his hands and clothes, climbing everywhere, messing with my laptop, bothering Daizy and/or throwing his snacks around, but on this day (yesterday), I found him at my Smashbook desk looking through one of my Smashbooks.

He was going through the pages and pointing and saying "Ooh, it's Dada!!".  It's incredible how smart he is, and normally I don't brag about him here (I leave that for facebook, twitter & instagram - lol), but this time I wanted to share something so touching.  

Dear you, who doesn't make the time to scrap your memories:
Dear you, who only buys and never creates anything:
Dear you, who has gone months without any creative mojo:
Dear you, who spends more time reading blogs and watching videos than crafting:
Dear you, who doesn't really care about crafting, but you still read my blog because you think it's "cool", "funny", or "interesting":  The fact that Gio (at 21 months), recognizes people in a tiny photograph and literally GASPS (it's something he does when he is astounded or shocked or likes something - lol), and points and says who or what it is, is WHY I scrap!!  "It's a Ball!!".  "It's Dada!".  "It's a Book!".  How those words touched me and made me smile yesterday.  I quickly grabbed my camera and took shots of him.  He did manage to open up a sharpie pen and ruin one of my pages (oops), but that "messy" page is now a part of the memory.  

Don't turn away from making time to scrap your photos and journal about them.  In 5 or 10 years you will be ABSOLUTELY broke (from all the craft shopping), but you will also be ABSOLUTELY happy that you did.

I do it, because one day he will be 14 and not want to kiss me anymore.  He will be 20 and hanging out with his buddies all the time.  He will be 35 and married with a baby.  And I'll have these books and these pages and these scrappings to keep a smile on my face and bring me warm fuzzies.


x0, Damaris

Friday, July 20, 2012

Scrappy Haul

I never show you what I purchase here, I usually share it either on my Instagram, my YouTube channel and/or the Smashaholic group on facebook.  But this time I wanted to share the photos and video with you.  

I am currently in love with the Echo Park "Everyday Ecclectic" and Carta Bella "Paris Girl" collections.  So much, that I will surely be getting 2nd and 3rd sets of it just to be able to use 2 and hoard 1... isn't that what everyone does??!  lol

I hope you are having a great start to your weekend (I am), and I shall be back next week with more project shares.  Tomorrow we're headed to Jupiter Beach with my parents and niece and I spent a few bucks today on some sand toys for Giovanni.  I think I'm more excited about it than he is... haha.  If you follow my instagram, you'll definitely see photos throughout the day, but I'll try to share some with my blog readers too, if I ever get time.  =)

Thanks for checking in and take care dolls.

x0, Damaris

P.S.  I added the 20 minute video below (in case you wanted to see the pages close-up).  =)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Graduate Layout

Hi friends.

Yesterday I got inspired (in between all the laundry and tidying up), to do a layout of my niece's graduation photo.  

As I was teaching my niece all about smashbooks and daybooks, we decided to print out a few of her graduation photos for her to smash while I was there, just to give her a sense of how it works.  I know not all smashing needs photos, but I wanted her to get a feel for it and ask me any questions while I was there.  So we printed out a few sheets of photos and in this particular print, the photos came out scratchy and faded.  Her dress was actually a lime green color, but my sister's printer ink was running low.  LOL.  I actually ended up really loving the effect and decided to keep a few photos to use in future layouts.

Using the Dear Lizzy "Neapolitan" Collection, some MFT Dienamics, a few buttons, Studio Calico wood veneer butterflies, Twine, Recollections pearls and stickers, I made a cute & fun, really simple layout.  I like how everything flows and all the bright colors.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and I look forward to reading your comments.

x0, Damaris