Monday, May 01, 2017

Hello Flora.

I was that "cool mom" last summer, that bought all the fun pool floats and regretted it once I realized that they required an overnight filling by an electronic machine, because it was just too massive to have any human attempt to fill it.  How do I know this?  Because we tried for a couple of hours before we ran to the store for said machine; the batteries were depleted by the time Flora was filled.

I was also that "cool mom" that attempted to climb up on Flora, just for a great photo; all attempts resulted in slipping, dropping and epically failing at being that "cool mom".

We had a great DAY with Flora the Flamingo.  She was a part of the family for 24 hours, but sadly she came with clipped wings.  I contacted the vendor soon after she was deflated (which took at least a week), and received a full refund for her.  But she was too far gone to keep her.

This year I plan to get "Flora the Flamingo 2", (smaller version); and just for giggles i'll throw in a pineapple float... because I'm noticing lately that my favorite color is yellow.  #TeamYellow

The collection I used to create this layout is by Crate Paper called "Poolside".. if you search Google long enough you just may find some remnants of it.  This was a very popular collection last year and it sold out pretty quickly.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to share more projects this month, as time allows.


Thursday, March 30, 2017

Love His Beard.

So remember when I said that I wanted to do all of the Paper Issues Spring Crop challenges by the end of the weekend?  I epically failed!  However, I was able to create 3-4 more layouts.  I already shared one of them on my IG feed.  If you're interested in seeing it please visit my IG: @AtStudioD...

The challenge I'm sharing today was to document someone you love.  My husband pretended to be offended, since the layout was not necessarily about him.  I pulled out paper from an old hoarded collection by Simple Stories called "Summer Vibes" and added die cuts, thickers and stickers to create a half messy page.
I'm a little bummed that I did not add the journaling before I took the photo.  The truth is, I was not going to add journaling since I am able to remember details by just looking at each photo.  But if anyone were to ever look a my layouts, they'll assume - by the looks of this page - that I just really loved my husband's beard.  Except, that's not the story behind the photo.

It wasn't until I recently listened to an episode of "Live Inspired" (with Host Tracie Claiborne and Special Guest Host Amy Sorensen called "Telling Our Stories"), that I didn't understand the need to tell the actual story behind the photo, and not just what is obviously happening in the photo.  I never thought or really cared to scrapbook the occasion or the why or the reason or the humor behind what was going on in the photo; because again, photos are able to jog a memory for me.  But I'm finding that scrapbooking isn't just making pretty pages to display in my living room.  I have a lifetime of stories I'd like to keep and share.

So I am still sharing this unfinished layout, but I will be adding some journaling to my page later.  Possibly add 3 lines next to "His Beard" or add something on the back if I am not brave enough to add those lines and make myself liable to ruining the page.  But from here on out, I vow to work on making my journaling an important factor in my layouts.
I really want to thank Tracie & Amy for helping me understand the importance of those untold stories.  Especially for my little boy who, in this case, will be looking through my albums when he's older and wonder why I loved his dad's scruffy beard.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you come back soon for another layout share.  The next one I'm really excited to share!

Friday, March 24, 2017

Lovely Heart.

This next Paper Issues Spring Crop challenge prompted crafters to leave 2/3rds of white space on their page.  As a person who likes to keep adding elements to "balance" things, I found this one very challenging and exciting.

I used vintage Dear Lizzy "Neapolitan" items and two recent photos of my little boy and his best friend.  He was trying to tie her loose shoes and epically failed; since he himself is still not able to tie his.  He can multiply and read 2nd grade level books, but he can't seem to learn the simple show-tieing process.

I created 3 specific areas for quick journaling, in trying to keep this layout very simple and white.
I love the turn out and I absolutely love that these layouts have not been taking me days,
(like usual occurs) to complete.  

I may be getting into the groove of things again, between my layouts, pocket pages and traveler's notebook documenting.  Exciting, because COMMIT was one of my OLW's this year; which included committing to documenting our everyday life.

I'm sharing all the links for you to find and follow Paper Issues.
I hope you join the fun this week too!
Challenge ends on Sunday!

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