Hello Kitty

For those of you that might not have figured it out yet, I am a HUGE HELLO KITTY fan. I started collecting when I was a young girl in 1st grade. I don't have all the stuff I had when I was a little girl, but when I finally landed a real job (1995), I started up my collection again. I don't have as nearly as much as the people I've seen on You Tube, but I do have a nice stash. When I moved from our condo to our townhouse I did give away a lot of stuff. Only because I had just started seeing that show "Hoarders" and it freaked me out!! Haha. My dad is a big time hoarder and I was afraid I'd become one too. So I got rid of a lot of Hello Kitty items, some I sold and some I gave away. I now have about 2 huge long bins, a closet in my craft room, and my craft room full of Hello Kitty items.

Every once in a while I get the urge to get something HK because it's too cute to pass and the last purchase I made was this popcorn bin at Toys R Us before Thanksgiving. It cost $6.99. If you know me, you know that I only really purchase things on sale or clearance, so for me to spend $7 on popcorn is a stretch when I can make tons of it at home for half that price!! But I thought about how I'd use it once all the popcorn was gone and "splurged"!! (lol)

I've only eaten about 1/4 of the popcorn (with the help of my husband Axel), but once I'm done with it, I'll wash it out and use it to store some craft items. I especially love the design. I think if the colors were red and black I probably would not get it. I'm very particular about how I match everything in my craft room. Red does not belong!!

I believe you can still find these bins at K-Mart and Rite Aid, just incase you're wondering.

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!!

x0, D
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