Ending 2010

I was told to start a blog back in September. I already had this one, but never used it (as you can see). Before the year is up I wanted to get started on making this happen and get myself situated with a new layout and a new blog post.

So far I have 0 followers or readers (I think), but once I share my blog with my YT subbies I think I'll get a good following. I first want to focus on getting the layout and colors right before I advertise. I am "okay" with this Charmmy Kitty layout, but I wanted something more "adult", more cute with bright colors and a cute layout... something that has clouds and maybe owls. Not sure... since my "mascot" is usually Hello Kitty, I figured I'd start out with that.

It's Friday night 9pm and I'm home. My husband just started working nights this week and I thought it was going to be worse than it was. I don't miss him as much as I thought I would, but that's only because I tend to do my "own" things at night. And being that he's not around, I don't have to worry about catering to him. I cook early, we eat, watch a little TV and he's gone by 2:30pm. Leaving me the rest of the day to do housework, nap, read, blog (hehe) and shop online or hang out. What I have been doing is wrapping gifts, working on my blog, cleaning the house and taking care of my son who will turn 3 months on New Years Day.

My plans for the end of the year are as follows:
- Compile 10 things I want to accomplish in 2011.
- Get a new look (which I've already done - yesterday).
- Enjoy the holidays whether or not I get along with any particular family members.
- Purchase storage bins for all the new & old Christmas decor & supplies I purchased this year.
- Organize the garage and throw away anything we NEVER use.
- Reorganize my closet. It's not dirty or unorganized, just a little messy.
- Purchase 1 new handbag.
- Go through our "junk" drawer (everyone has one) in the kitchen and trash unnecessary items.
- Donate some of Giovanni's (my son) newborn clothes.
- Get a baby monitor and move him to his crib. Relocate the pack n play to the 2nd floor.
- Throw or give away any makeup I don't use.
- Reorganize my bedroom "junk" drawer.
- Start reading a new book.
- Write in my baby journal (I have more than 2 months to write about).
- Print baby shower pix and start on the baby shower mini album.
- Record at least 2 new YouTube videos. (For those that don't know I have a YT channel and quite a few videos uploaded about hauls, makeup, crafts and baby topics... my user is : Newlywedz06).
- Set a daily chore schedule for 2011.
- Do ALL laundry.
- Clean out, organize and finish my craft room. Since we moved I haven't officially been done with this room and I really want to get curtains put up and get all the Christmas stuff out so I can record a new room tour video for YT.
- Put stuff up on eBay for sale.
- Start writing my book.

I think that's a pretty long list to deal with only having less than 3 weeks left of this year. I hope to get through at least half of what I wrote... lol.

Anyway, I should get back to fixing my layout and doing my things. I hope to be back soon for more updates. Until then, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (just incase I get too busy and can't return).

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x0, D
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