THIS, is why I Scrap!

Usually Giovanni runs around my craftroom knocking stuff down, breaking stuff, inking up his hands and clothes, climbing everywhere, messing with my laptop, bothering Daizy and/or throwing his snacks around, but on this day (yesterday), I found him at my Smashbook desk looking through one of my Smashbooks.

He was going through the pages and pointing and saying "Ooh, it's Dada!!".  It's incredible how smart he is, and normally I don't brag about him here (I leave that for facebook, twitter & instagram - lol), but this time I wanted to share something so touching.  

Dear you, who doesn't make the time to scrap your memories:
Dear you, who only buys and never creates anything:
Dear you, who has gone months without any creative mojo:
Dear you, who spends more time reading blogs and watching videos than crafting:
Dear you, who doesn't really care about crafting, but you still read my blog because you think it's "cool", "funny", or "interesting":  The fact that Gio (at 21 months), recognizes people in a tiny photograph and literally GASPS (it's something he does when he is astounded or shocked or likes something - lol), and points and says who or what it is, is WHY I scrap!!  "It's a Ball!!".  "It's Dada!".  "It's a Book!".  How those words touched me and made me smile yesterday.  I quickly grabbed my camera and took shots of him.  He did manage to open up a sharpie pen and ruin one of my pages (oops), but that "messy" page is now a part of the memory.  

Don't turn away from making time to scrap your photos and journal about them.  In 5 or 10 years you will be ABSOLUTELY broke (from all the craft shopping), but you will also be ABSOLUTELY happy that you did.

I do it, because one day he will be 14 and not want to kiss me anymore.  He will be 20 and hanging out with his buddies all the time.  He will be 35 and married with a baby.  And I'll have these books and these pages and these scrappings to keep a smile on my face and bring me warm fuzzies.


x0, Damaris
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