Friday, March 08, 2013

Get To Know Me...

I recently posted a question on Instagram that asked my followers what they learned about me from following my feed.

This had me thinking of other social media accounts that I have.  What do bloggers know about me? 

I seldom talk about myself or my life on here.  Sometimes I share a story that relates to a card, but I never REALLY get chatty and let down my guard with you.  I'm more open on Twitter than I am here.  Maybe because the majority of my Twit-Torage (twitter + entourage) hehe, are strangers or porn sites.  Aka, ppl that don't REALLY read my tweets and care.  I like that I can just randomly post things on there and not feel afraid of what someone might think of me.  Here it seems like a more reserved, polished and conservative outlet.  I'd feel like the daughter of satan himself if I type "lmao" here.  But I DO do that sometimes.  Maybe on facebook.  Sometimes on Instagram, when something really cracks me up.  Cuz as you know, you're not really lol'ing when you type "lol".  And "LOL" means, you had a slight chuckle.  Even the "hehe"'s are a higher grade than "lol".

[Let's reel this back in Damaris!]

I would like my blog followers to get to know me better.  The REAL me.  The silly/funny me.  The writer me.  The weird me.  [very weird].  The random me.  The experimenting with cooking food me.  It's who I am.  It's how my husband fell in love with me.  And it's how I plan on being from now on.

More often than not I'll post about a craft project.  But I'd also like to share more than that with you.  Tell you about my week/month.  Show you the new way I implemented white cheddar popcorn powder in my cooking (blog coming soon!).  And even just talk about products that I'm currently loving.

If I can share how my husband gives me pedi's on Instagram, then surely I don't think it'll offend you to see a photo of it.  Not because I want to brag.  But because I'd love for you to know me (us) more.  Even that intimate ish.  lol.

That being said, here's something not many people know.  I love hugs.  I give real ones.  They're hearty and strong.  Crack your back and make you walk straighter, strong.  I get complimented on them.  Something I'm extremely proud of.  Like, I nod and say a big "OH YEAH", type thing.  Not humble about it.  hehe.  But I'm also shy.  So if I don't feel comfortable with you, because people do value their space, I won't do it.  I might feel verbally comfy with you, but physically comfy is very different.

And if I'm extremely comfy with you (like with mom & hubby), I'll smack your arse.  Yup.  Do it to them ALL THE TIME.  Like, weekly.  And in hubby's case, Daily!  I can't say that I remember how it all started, but it's a habit that I can't stop.  Do it to dad hardly ever, and to my older sis when I see her.  She's lucky she lives in NY.  She hates it.
I'm aware that I might lose a few followers, due to my random silly rants, but lately I've done a lot of self-analyzing and I came to the honest conclusion that I love me.  I love my weird & funny thoughts.  I love that I can make my husband and friends laugh.  I love that I'm not afraid to make fun of myself.  How goofy I am.  And I definitely love the fact that this year I turned 38, but I sincerely thought I was turning 36.  Like really!  I'm more 23,8-ish.  Ha!

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spending longer than anticipated on this blog post because I've had a very itchy EVERYTHING all day long.  There's only 1 thing I ate differently today.  Sourdough pancakes. 
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