A Simple Discovery.

The last week of the year was spent purging.  I trashed & donated a few more bags of stuff.  Mainly Gio’s things, but also some of my clothes and hubby's clothes.

After cleaning house, I saw a YT closet clean-out video and the lady mentioned seeing a quote on Pinterest. 
"When going through your things ask yourself, 'Would I Buy This Again Today?!'"  
This really struck a nerve.  As much as I was trying to simplify and dehoard my entire home and storage unit, I was still keeping “just in case” items.  As much as I “preached” on downsizing and using what you love, I wasn’t fully living up to that standard.  And as much progress as I have made in the last 4+ years, I’ve gotta go back to the drawing board and pull out more clothes, shoes and things; keeping the above question in mind.  The point is NOT to stop shopping for the things you love, and for the hobbies you enjoy, but to be aware of what you purchase and really truly know that you will be using it within the next couple of months; ensuring it just doesn't stay sitting on your shelf, closet or craft table.

I recently purchased Emily Ley‘s book “A Simplified Life”, (thank you Amazon for speedy shipping), and it came just in time to help me continue the purging.  As you know, I’ve been on this “minimalistic” journey since 2013 (search Instagram for #hoardfreein2013), and all throughout, but it has been a continual battle against keeping my belongings “because...” (you fill in the blank).

I started a great book last year “
The Joy of Less”, by Francine Jay, which helped a lot (and I’m still not done), but after watching one of Emily’s recent IG Live episodes and reading her blog on this subject, I knew I had to get her book also.  

The first thing I did last week was to declutter my bedroom (specifically night stand), as she suggests in one of her blogs, and left only my favorites.... I did cheat and stop by Home Goods prior to this renewal project, and found cute gold trimmed acrylic style organizers.  They beat what I had prior, which was a huge white metal bin that was too tall to see anything and had no compartments. 
These gold ones from Home Goods, (which can also find here, and here), had dividers and were smaller, limiting the space I used on my end table; making my bedroom feel less like a storage room and more like a place where I can relax with my books and journals before bed.

I have decided to write in my daily journal at least every other night, and jot down the basics... nothing like "I went to Starbucks twice today", but more meaningful things.  Things i want to remember about Gio, quotes he said, or new places we visited.  I want to really document my feelings and moods.  I want to document how my feelings changed my eating habit that day or made me more enthused about creating.  Kinda like the journal we all had as teenage girls... where we hated our best friend one week, but loved them the next.  Except more depth.  These thoughts are powerful and they can either recharge you for the day or weigh you down.  For me to have this serene corner, I needed to simplify my room.

I'm on my way to simplifying my entire home.  That entryway closet gives me agita.  There's a mix of so many random things in there, including family games, paint, tools, books I will never read and even Gio's sneakers from when he was 3 years old that I need to either sell or donate.

I'm on a mission to simplify my home, to clear my head of tasks, to-dos and home improvement projects I may never get to, and use that valuable time to DISCOVER the beauty in quality moments... like watching Gio run in the grass with our dog...or teaching him (and myself - who am I kidding?), how to bake, or taking the bunnies a fun warm bath. 

I'm sharing this, not to guilt you, but to keep myself accountable.  I should return with an update within the next 60 days.  I hope to finish the first book and move on to the next. 

I've added links and buttons below for your convenience.  If you feel as I do, come on this journey with me and together we can share our ideas, burdens and what we should improve on in the following weeks/months to come.  If you do take the plunge with me, here are some questions I'll be answering honestly on this journey that may help you as well.  

Thanks for taking the time to hear my heart and I hope you all are setting goals and enjoying your new year.

P.S.  You can also find my gold pineapple tray
here, or here in white.


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