New Washi Storage.

Washi has taken over my world.  To the point where I have tried 3 different storage solutions for it.  They multiply, like Gremlins.  And even though we will probably NEVER use up all of it, we still are lured in by their pretty colors and magical prints.  My main concern was not using all the tapes.  I dreaded digging through the mountains of it.  I lost count sometime after 207.  Not something to be proud of, folks.

For the past 2 months I had been thinking about how I would update this [yet again], but it wasn't until today (at around 7:06pm to be exact), that I saw a photo posted on Facebook by my gal-pal, Kanani, of her updated washi storage.  First I fainted and then I frowned.  I knew it was probably some wicked cool contraption she found at her grandmother's house during one of her prior visits, that she easily painted white and repurposed.  I was so glad to be wrong.  
Spice Stack is EXACTLY what I had envisioned being the perfect washi storage solution, and can be purchased either on Amazon for $35 or Bed Bath & Beyond for $25. [look in the Kitchen section]

The difference is the amount of rows in each rack.  Google it.

Oh, but it is TRUE!!  I placed each tape in ROYGBV order, and also in the order that they are in my Washi Catalogue ...  [cuz I'm psycho like that]... and with the help of hubby, was finished in less than an hour. 

2 small racks fit over 260 washi tapes,
and there's still the bottom right tray that's completely empty.
I estimate that 1 small unit will hold from 125 - 140 rolls, depending on the width.

The amount of questions and comments I received on Instagram (which is where I first shared these photos), were so much that I decided to share it all here in one spot, so that my friends, fellow SMASH*aholics, bloggies and even strangers who PIN (hehe), can also benefit from this information.

I'm so excited that I wanna SHOUT ABOUT THIS FROM THE ROOFTOPS!!!
... oh, but not until I get 1 more rack.
Because as you know, washi tape is addictive and stunning and has powers over us, lol.

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