Washi Catalogue

Some time over the early summer months I saw a photo on Instagram of a lady named Jenny Suchin - @WeeMemories, who shared how she was cataloging her washi tape.  I thought it was a neat idea, but didn't really think I'd EVER have all that much to need a catalogue of what I own.

When I reorganized my craftroom some time in March or April, (to add a new desk for my smashbooking), I also revamped my IKEA racks to hold my washi in ROYGBIV order.  The photo below shows my humble washi collection at the time.  It was way less than 100.

It slowly grew as the summer proceeded and the baskets started to overflow to look like this... 

So I purchased a HUGE metal basket at Tuesday Morning and moved all my washi there....

I thought back to that photo of the catalogue I saw only because I started to buy repeats of the washi I had and I really need to keep track of my stash, but also because I needed something to reference back to when I was working on my projects so I'll know exactly what color and style I need and save me a few minutes of time looking for the right washi combo for my project.

So about a month ago I started working on my washi catalogue book, and it took an entire day to do.  I decided to use a 7Gypsies collection 8x8 pad to cover the book (you'll see why in the photo), and bind it with my Zutter.

I colored in an adorable digital stamp by Saturated Canary, called Washi Tape Kinda Girl, with my copics and have her sit above the title of the book; which was made by adding Thickers to the already existing words on the paper.  I used a pack of "postcards" that I purchased at Hobby Lobby early in the year and just began adding washi according to color and pattern.  I left blank pages in between to leave room for this growing collection.

It does take some time to do, but it's totally worth it.

If I counted right, I have a total of 162 tapes (not including doubles); which is NOTHING compared to the other collections I've seen.  Hopefully I won't get the urge anytime soon to get more.

Thanks for checking in.  Have a great weekend.

x0, Damaris

UPDATE: 1/6/13 - Washi Count = 207


Nikki said...

wow insane collection I own 1 roll lol

Unknown said...

So cool collection of washi tapes :)

Lizvette said...

I love this idea. I don't have too many. Should I buy more? Whet not!...