Smashbook Challenge

I'll tell you right now, it won't take me 30 days to complete this challenge, but I'm still going to do it.

Why?  Because I have too many smashbooks and not enough things going on in life for me to fill them with.  LOL.

So my red "Doodle Style" smashbook is dedicated to this fun challenge that I first saw on the SMASH*aholics Facebook Group (of which I also help Admin), and then also on Pinterest.

There's a iSMASH badge on my blog's sidebar that will direct you to the other smashbooks I've either completed or am currently working on.  Just so you know I have updated my "Simple Smashbook" (which is everything I've done over the 2012 Summer; and my "Baby Smashbook" (which is all about Giovanni), with new entries today.  So if you want to take a look, click on the links.

This blog post will also be available to view on my sidebar whenever you wish, just to make it easier for you to find and check the updates.

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