Simple Smashbook

I love to Smash.  It's a form of scrapbooking where it's not as organized and it's not as "pretty" as making layouts and mini albums.  It's kind of encouraged to be messy and random, and it's become one of my favorite ways of keeping record.

In 2011 K&Co brought it back by creating an entire line of Smashbooks and neat accessories.  I got into it deeply and have decided to keep a blog of all the photos for each Smashbook (there are more than 10), and to keep a badge of it on my sidebar so all the photos are together making it easier for anyone to access. 

I decided to use the orange smashbook to record the events of Summer 2012... Here's what I've done with my Simple Smashbook, so far.

Ooops, I gotta find the "Y" to YOU'LL!!  lol

UPDATED: 1/21/13

Updated: 4/11/13

Check back here every so often to see if I've added any new pages.  The badge will be on my sidebar under "iSmash".  I hope to be done with this book before Summer 2013 begins.  haha

x0, Damaris
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