Magical Monochromatic 30.

Let's face it.  Not every layout concept that we conjure up at 2am while our bones are trying to regenerate and our minds are racing, ever turns out as we had planned.

I've only completed one monochromatic layout challenge in my life.  The last time I did it was for the 2017 Paper Issues Spring Crop.  And just having ended the 2018 Spring Crop, I feel motivated to step into the unknown and do something different.

I knew the color I would want to scrap was pink, which I have plenty of in my stash; so the pressure wasn't in the supplies, it was in the photo.  I don't normally scrap photos from back in time, but I have been inspired by one of our DT member's Wendy, to do so.  I wanted the photo to be clear and bright and match my page; my 30th birthday was a great fit for the concept I had in mind.  So where is the struggle?, you may ask.  My struggle came in exposing myself in that manner.

You see, all the prints I found in my photo vault, (a pretty black and white striped box of old photos that never made their way into any albums, and sits collecting dust atop my craft closet)... are evidence of a lifestyle I no longer live.  And as I wrangled between using a photo that didn't match the concept, or use the one that many people would possibly scoff at... I came to the realization that sometimes it's good to take a peek to our former selves.  And admire how far we've come.  How much we've accomplished and how high of a place we've reached in our growth as humans.  I'm no longer ashamed of who I was, or how I decided to spend my 30th birthday... with a group of best friends and coworkers, and even some love interests.... 1 of which had a "Hello Kitty" cake made for me.  Or how crazy drunk I got.  Or how many people I may have allegedly cursed out in my drunken state.  Or how much I danced with heels, leaving me disabled for a week.  Or how many times I had to tuck my girls into that corset.  lol.  A lot.  lol.  Or how it was the day I first tried to smoke a cigarette (Newport 100s), because I wanted to take a "sexy photo", not realizing that the next 3 years would be hard to quit.  The truth is, I did enjoy that night.  I did have a blast at my 30th birthday.  And it's perfectly okay to document those embarrassing memories, especially if it is going to help build my faith and help me appreciate how far I've come in my decision making and lifestyle.

The layout is an explosion of pink birthday cake.  Somewhere in there you'll see me blowing the candles.  There's clouds, sequins, flowers, stickers, enamel dots, nuvo drops, balloons, birds, buttons, butterflies and bows.  A happy union between Pink Paislee & Crate Paper.  I fussy cut, stitched and played with mixed media.  It's all in there.  And if you look close enough, you may find some hidden "30s" in the page.

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