Girl Interrupted.

Hi Friends!

I'm sharing a pretty intense layout today.  Really going deep into my life, my faith and who I am as a person this time around.  This year I want to share more of those secret areas of my life, as I feel it may benefit many of my readers and followers.

As you know I am a Christian, and a lot (if not all), of my values come from my belief in Jesus.  That being said, I have a testimony that I don't normally share, and I won't go through all of it today, but I will say that I've come a long way from how I was when I lived in NYC 11+ years ago.  I came to Florida hurt, beating up inside, shattered and stabbed in the back by friends.  I came to Florida TO marry my best friend and soulmate, and I wasn't upset at the fact that I had to leave everything behind (even my closest family), if it meant also escaping from my past, and the agony that I had to face each day.  What I encountered once I settled in here, was that the feelings and pain I carried throughout my NY life tagged along with me.  I couldn't leave them on the plane.  Or shake them off at the airport.  They were my baggage.  And I didn't understand why I had to deal with all that if I was far away from the people who inflicted "all that" on me!?

But God.

God came in and restored my life.  He renewed my mind and gave me a vision for my future.  He changed the way I spoke about myself and my enemies.  He created in me a clean heart, and renewed a right spirit within me.  [Psalm 51:10].   I quote scripture, because scripture is God breathed.  It's heaven-ordained.  And the living Word of God activates something in the heavenlies.  It controls the atmosphere around us.  It charges the Angels and releases them to fight on our behalf.  The Word of God is pure and faithful.  It builds up our faith and gives us the power to fight against the negative thoughts.  It purifies our hearts and make us whole.  It gives us the energy we need to take on life's battles.  But all that takes time, and willingness on our part to say Yes to God and to His way of healing us; of doing things.  It takes commitment on our part.  It takes tapping into those areas of hurt and depression.  It takes showing our real and true selves to our heavenly Father, knowing He will not fault us or blame us or guilt us for our feelings, but that what we bring Him will be restored.  He will take those ashes from our past and transform them into beauty.  He promises that in His word.  "I'll give you beauty for ashes, and joy for your mourning".  [Isaiah 61:3].  What grander trade will you ever encounter on the face of this earth?

So this layout isn't necessarily about the collection itself, but how I strategically used those hexagons.  Three areas of my life I battled with.  My Mind.  I was consumed in my own thoughts.  Anxiety and fear created by a world I lived in - in my head.  I was afraid of everything and everyone.  My Lips.  I spoke badly about myself.  About myself to myself and to others.  I was insecure and I expressed that in my journals and in my poetry.  My Heart.  Shattered and frail.  Struck by unrequited love, time and again.  Failing to find what it most desired.

But God.

The hexagons are fragments of me that God worked on.  Is working on.  His Power and Love and Grace showered over me has been the sole reason for the change in me.  Anyone that knew the NYC me would tell you best.  Especially my husband.  He can tell you all about the times I locked myself in my closet to cry and scream like a mad woman!  Because one silly thing he said had triggered hurt and pain in me; causing me to shut down emotionally and break down quietly.  I was a girl headed down a depressive lonely path, but God interrupted that pity party and gave me purpose.  A reason to live.  A fresh set of eyes.  Something to hope for again.  And I'd love to share that same Power, Love and Grace with you.  No one deserves it on their best day.  It's not something that anyone earns.  It's freely given to all who want and need it.  No questions asked.  No paybacks.  No loans.  It's debt-free Love & Grace.  Just ask Him for help.  Ask Him for a change.  Ask Him to interrupt your plans with His will, and see how He works miracles in your life.

The layout is pretty.  It's fun and cute.  It's bright.  I used hexagons and spelled out the title "Girl Interrupted' with thicker stickers.  But the real beauty is in the message: "God takes our fragments, and puts them back together.  Not for our pleasure, but for His Glory and true purpose through us."

Give God your brokenness, and see Him create a masterpiece!

Supplies:  Crate Paper "Good Vibes" collection.  Silhouette machine.  American Crafts Thickers (by Pink Paislee).  Black pen.  Adhesive Pop dots.  Nuvo liquid adhesive.

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