So Magical.

When I got married (11 years ago today), there wasn't the help of Pinterest or Instagram to help me with my wedding; which is generally where I see a sleu of gorgeous wedding photos, fun ideas and party props... I had to rely on magazines and tv shows for inspiration.  But none of them went into detail about the creative aspect of weddings; the DIY projects and the extra creative tablescapes.  As a crafter, I think I did pretty well in planning my own Florida wedding - all the way FROM NEW YORK!  The stress level was high, people.  We found a hall in Miami that helped coordinate a lot of the major things, like the cake, catering, decorating, invites, and the list goes on.  But my creative mind was at work, bringing in extra elements like a goodie table filled with a chocolate fountain and treats.  And the playlist for the DJ to play.  The cake needed to be top notch, so I asked for upgrades in my cake design... which does not compare to what I see now - btw.  I tried to add special details to make our wedding unique to us... (perfectionism at it's best); however, as much time and money that I spent on our wedding, one thing slipped through my bridezilla hands.  The photographer.

He came with our wedding package and I did not think to review his work.  I just figured, if he was partnered up with the hall, he had to be pretty good.  Not only did he forget to snap some key wedding photos, like our newly wedded hands, showcasing our dazzling rings, or the flowers neatly placed at the bottom of my dress (which, bleh - I don't care too much about now), but he also - and more importantly - forgot to photograph my husband's family with us on stage.  Which later became major drama for me, since they all felt I was at fault, and took almost 4 years to resolve.  Bleh x2.  Also, the photo quality was really grainy and had somewhat of a sepia tone.  Nothing like the crisp white photos we see today.  Even the portable Kodak cameras we provided for each table developed poorly.

But despite all the chaos and unsatisfied moments, one photo stood apart from the rest.  This photo, that I have treasured since I first saw it, became the muse for today's project share; and pairing it with the amazing "Carousel" collection by Maggie Holmes, almost makes all the other disappointing photos not so important.

The idea for this layout was to use left overs, a Free File from the Paper Issues shop called "Seek The Mountain Peak" and other elements from the collection.  I don't really have titles in mind when I craft a layout, I kinda go with the flow of them as I build the page; but this one was different.  I knew I wanted to fussy cut the words "So Magical" from one of the patterned papes, and prop them up on dimensional foam adhesive.  I knew I wanted triangles at the bottom of the page, with florals surrounding the photo.  And I also knew I wanted to add cute ephemera, but the paint splatters happened as a cover up.  Once I was done, I showed hubby the layout, and from the time I went to the room and came back to my craft table I managed to add a dark grey-ish black smudge to the middle of the page.  Normally, my awesome Tonic Studios eraser is able to rid my projects of any weird smudges, but this one did not budge.  So I had to take scrap paper and cover all the elements and photos I had already glued down, grabbed my Heidi Swap Color Shine spray, and strategically dripped black drops over the affected area, then created a flow from the top to the bottom, so it looks purposely placed there.  Don't you love happy accidents?

If you have time today, or this week, I'd love for you to visit the Paper Issues Facebook Community and show us your projects, or mingle with the members.  We really do our best at keeping the group conversation fun and happy.  And you will surely run into a project share that will inspire you to use your supplies and make something!

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Have a great weekend and I hope you get tons of Black Friday shopping done!

BTW, if you're wondering why my palm is facing the photo, it's because the photographer asked me to wave goodbye to the camera.  It almost looks like I'm telling him to wait for me to kiss my new husband one more time.


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