Birthday Boy.

Happy November!

The air is crisp.
My phone is full of great photos.
And I'm having good hair days.

It's that time of year where we sit back and reflect on how much we've accomplished, and make plans to plan for an even better year.  And in all that thinking, we find inspiration from our experiences.  My son turned 7 this year, and for a mom who thought he would not make it past 5, it's a HUGE deal.  We planned a fun day with him and his little girlfriend (Esme), at Harvest Festival.  He rode a hay ride, we had food and tons of fun... but the most magical moment was watching him silently play on his tablet, as he waited for us to get ready to "run some errands".  I watched for a minute, then reached for the closest thing near me (which happened to be an instax camera), and came in close for a quick snap.

I want to remember this day, before the noise and the overexhausting heat wave got involved.  And knew using the new Pebbles "Happy Hooray" collection, would help me capture it nicely.  I hope you too make your way over to the Paper Issues Blog (link below) and check out what the other girls created for the Working Title challenge.  This month we're focusing on numbers.

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