Planner Junkie

I'm Damaris.
And I'm a planner junkie.
Saying it out loud feels empowering!

If you're like me, you're probably prone to purchasing many planners.  Different sizes, styles and for different reasons.  When I first purchased the Carpe Diem "Ballerina" planner by Cori, The Reset Girl, I thought I'd be using it to track my blog posts, my blog subjects and maybe some online courses.  I epically failed at keeping up with it.  But I was able to find another purpose for it.  Something more meaningful to me, personally.

I am a fan of podcasts and I use this particular planner to house my sermon notes.  Because the podcasts are recorded, (and because I'm way behind on these), I'm able to incorporate each sermon to match my decor.

This week, I used the delicious Maggie Holmes "Carousel" collection.  I made a paper clip with the bow, by simply looping it behind and hooking it through the ribbon.  Cut down 12x12 paper to create arrows, and used that adorable hot air balloon cardstock to make my own fussy-cut ephemera.

If you're not into sermons, maybe there are other podcasts you listen to that you'd like to keep track of and take notes for.  Maybe each week can be a different podcast theme.  Weight loss.  Craft tips.  Etc.

However you decide to use your extra planners and paper supplies, please be sure to share that with us in the PI Facebook group.  There you'll be sure to find more creative ways to use your supplies.

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