The Jig Is Up...

...and I'm ready to share some exciting news - finally!

I have been asked to join the next term of PI Girls.
How incredibly amazing is it going to be working alongside a team of wonderful designers!?
I'm pumped.  I'm inspired.
And I'm ready to share my creativity with you all!

I'm also sharing my 20% discount code for your total purchase price to the Paper Issues shop!  Spend $60 and you'll receive free priority shipping!

I've been a customer for years and I'm always happy with the great customer service and speedy shipping.  I'm a true fan of the PI Community, and am in awe of this great opportunity!

I hope you all take the time to visit/join the PI Facebook Group, and mingle with the members.  There's prizes to be won.  Silly interaction.  We have fun everyday!


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