Aloha 40

You can ask today, if the past 2 months were worth all the stress and headaches and sleepless nights, and I may say Yes.  But the week before I was ready to throw in the towel.

This year hubby turned 40.  August 7th to be exact.  And I had not planned on doing anything big.  As far as he was concerned, our "BIG" thing was the RV trip we had over the summer; which I have yet to blog about and finish documenting.

But somewhere between "Let's finally do the Game Night we planned on last year" and "I want to remove every single item from this house and live in an RV", the idea was birthed that I can combine the game night and make it into a fun surprise party.

Immediately the creative juices started to gush and I needed two traveler's notebooks to keep me grounded and organized.  Apart from getting everyone to keep it hush, and finalizing on a theme, the most difficult and stressful task was keeping it all hidden and away from hubby's eyes and ears.  I had to create games, invites, toppers and fun decor, without him suspecting that anything tied back to his birthday.

2 weeks before the actual event he had the NERVE to say "I hope you're not planning a birthday party!"... To which I just ignored and continued to speak about the game night.  HOW DARE HE!?

He was right though, which is why I began to develop an air tight plan as to how I would get him out of the house, in order to add the addtional decor items - like "ALOHA 40" and extra fun balloons, and the cake... THAT CAKE!  The one that I knew he'd be GAGA over.  Well, at the very hour we had planned him leaving the house, he refused.  So long story short... he ended up help to finish the set up.  Showered, wore the "Aloha" shirt I purchased and left so that he wouldn't ruin the surprise for or guests.. how snooty of me.


So aside from blabbing about everything that went wrong, I'd like to also share some photos.  I hope you all enjoy them and are inspired to take on a new level of stress for the sake of pretty party pix.

Let me know if you have any questions, as this was not written as a "HOW-TO" blog, but more of a "LOOK AT THIS" blog.  And please excuse the unedited/dark photos.  There were way too many to brighten up.  I didn't want to let too much time pass before I posted this.

Enjoy, and thanks for stopping by.


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