Hello Flora.

I was that "cool mom" last summer, that bought all the fun pool floats and regretted it once I realized that they required an overnight filling by an electronic machine, because it was just too massive to have any human attempt to fill it.  How do I know this?  Because we tried for a couple of hours before we ran to the store for said machine; the batteries were depleted by the time Flora was filled.

I was also that "cool mom" that attempted to climb up on Flora, just for a great photo; all attempts resulted in slipping, dropping and epically failing at being that "cool mom".

We had a great DAY with Flora the Flamingo.  She was a part of the family for 24 hours, but sadly she came with clipped wings.  I contacted the vendor soon after she was deflated (which took at least a week), and received a full refund for her.  But she was too far gone to keep her.

This year I plan to get "Flora the Flamingo 2", (smaller version); and just for giggles i'll throw in a pineapple float... because I'm noticing lately that my favorite color is yellow.  #TeamYellow

The collection I used to create this layout is by Crate Paper called "Poolside".. if you search Google long enough you just may find some remnants of it.  This was a very popular collection last year and it sold out pretty quickly.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to share more projects this month, as time allows.


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