As much as I'd love to share photos of what I've been up to in the last year, I don't believe you will be here 12 hours - scrolling through this post.. so I thought I'd take you through the latest project... my OLW (One Little Word) notebook.

I've been choosing OLWs for a few years, but never documented it.  I knew this was important and needed to keep track of how I progress.

I ordered a few of the items from Ali Edwards here, and started by creating an intro page.  I wanted to include the definition of "COMMIT", but I really dislike my handwriting (improving this is on my wish list), so I used the WeRMemoryKeepers Typecast Typewriter on one of the journaling cards in the new 2017 OLW collection.
This will be a great reminder of the path I am pushing myself to take this year.

There are a few other crafty projects I'd like to work through; like finalizing my planners and traveler's notebooks, and more.  But I've just been extremely wrapped up with family, work and church activities.  I really need to schedule time for my "down time".  It's so important for me to take these moments to unwind.  But the guilt of needing to spend time with family outweighs my personal desires.  Creating a craft schedule is another item I have to work through.

Another update I'd like to share is my No-Spend January success.  I really enjoyed limiting myself and creating boundaries with spending.  It did hurt on occasions seeing the new stock of Target Dollar Spot items, and not being able to dig in or the fact that Studio Calico came out with a new Mega Times Stamp that I drooled over... thankfully hubby knows about my rollerstamp obsession and purchased it for me as an early birthday gift.  (what a darling!)  If it weren't for that I probably would have to wait until they restocked the pre-order.  This No-Spend process has brought me to the realization that I really don't "NEED" everything I see.  It's become borderline 'Envy'.  We hate using that word because it sounds like it's wrapped up with 'Jealousy', but 'Envy' is just a fancy word for "wanting what someone else has".  That's my definition.  That's the biblical definition and if I want to be a better Jesus follower, I need to recognize these areas and work on them.

So now that I'm reaching the end of my No-Spend challenge I'm noticing mixed feelings.  Happy because I can go back to getting things I want.  Sad because I really enjoyed limiting myself, saving money, paying off HUGE CHUNKS of debt/bills and working on my credit.  All in one month!  I think I'll continue the "No-Spend" challenge, but lighten it a little.  Maybe give myself a weekly spending budget of $25.  If I want a purse, I'd have to wait 4 weeks.  I think this is reasonable.  Especially if I'm thinking of possibly joining a monthly membership.  Which I'll need hubby to purchase for me, because the open enrollment ends 1/31.  lol.

Along with the $25 weekly budget, I will include any and all new rollerstamps.  Which, if you have been paying close attention to Instagram, you'll know there are at least 5 new rollers to come out.

But, I COMMIT to saving more and spending-less.
Especially if I am in a continual "Decluttering" state of mind.
Especially if I'm consistently giving away crafty things.
Especially that confessing it here is keeping me accountable to that.

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Have a great weekend!


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