Sometimes we come across people who are, as the saying goes, "too good to be true".  I have found that when I start seeing good, humble, sweet, wholesome, generous and honest qualities in someone I back away because I think there's no way that one person can genuinely be all those things.  They must be up to something.  They need something from me.

But truly there are.  And when I find someone like that, I try to appreciate them, and let them know that they are a treasure.  Almost heaven-sent.  Angels, if you will.  Which is what inspired today's Fab Friday Tiddly Inks card.

I wanted the focus to be on "Grace", a $1.00 digital stamp by Tiddly Inks, and not on any fancy pattern paper, etc.  So I tried to make the card as white and as simple as I could.  About a month ago I mentioned how making CAS Mixed cards has become something I enjoy and this was no different.  After I colored her in with copic markers, I used pieces of white on white to create layers behind her and just a few touches of colored Wild Orchid Crafts flowers to bring out the color in the Angel.  I also did some stenciling because after I was done with the card and showed it to my husband, he dirtied it.  So adding a bit of grit helped cover the stain and also helped create more interest.  So I welcome happy accidents.  They make us more creative.  lol.

 (here is the original card with the stain on the bottom right corner)

 (this is me sharing my "OMG" moment on instagram)

 And here is the finished card after all the changes.

 You can't tell there was even a problem. 

If you have come across someone in your life (whether family member or complete stranger) that has impacted your life in a positive way, I suggest you reach out and let them know that they are such a wonderful influence on you.  Because chances are they are so used to giving so much of themselves that they are taken for granted, are used to it and hardly ever get to hear how awesome they are.

Have a blessed weekend.

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JanR said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I hope you thanked your hubby for dirtying it. ;-) Wonderful, wonderful card and a lovely post too.