Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Love This Life.

Snapping photos of food is something I've done for years.  I used to share it on Facebook all the time and even had a "FOOD" folder where I was post them in.  After a few negative comments from friends and family, I decided to stop because I felt embarrassed.  Everyone eats, everyone cooks, so what's so special about food photos?
A couple of years later I discovered Instagram, where people shared billions of photos of their everyday food and I felt right at home.  I felt comfortable again to share how excited I was to eat a plain salad or a new recipe I had tried.  It was not only acceptable, but the comments were positive and nice.
It wasn't until last year that I realized those food photos could also be included in my scrapbooking.  So this year I vowed to add more of them to my project life and I am excited to share that these 2 meals were super delicious! 

I've learned that Everyday Life isn't just about your 9-5 job.
Laundry.  Kids' homework.  And paying bills.
It can also be about the things that THEY consider mundane, but that WE get excited about.
Like pairing sandals with a fancy dress,
or finding the perfect affordable paper for your printer,
or the new curry chicken with coconut milk rice dish you spontaneously created.

On another note:
Today is my last day with the COGC creative team and I will sadly miss them.  But I want to give a big Hug and Thanks to Nicole for having me on board and trusting me enough to create worthwhile projects that represent her shop.  I have loved working for her and wish her continued success in the future.

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