Your Kindness Blows Me Away.

Today concludes Kathy's 30 Day Coloring Challenge over at The Daily Marker.  I had a little bit of anxiety in the last leg of this challenge due to very bad toothaches, allergy & asthma trouble, insomnia and countless day to day responsibilities (including church), so it was difficult to keep up, but I am happy and proud to say that I have completed 30 days of coloring.

Some days I gave myself a break from copic coloring and used watercolors.  I feel it's faster for me to paint with water than it is with markers.  My style of copic coloring has intensified during the last year and if I didn't have at least 30 minutes to dedicate to coloring, I was not going to leave something half way.  Because I'll never finish it.

I decided, for the last day of this challenge, to conquer a fear and take a stab at this gorgeous Stamping Bella stamp called "Bentley", which I purchased online at, and FYI, you can save 10% right now if you use coupon code "DAMARIS10" at check out.

 The reason I feared "Bentley", is because I struggle heavily with clothes and pleats.  Let me explain.  When I begin to color an image, I can immediately see (in my mind) the skin color.  Where the shadows are.  Where the elbow bends.  Where the calf muscle and ankles are.  I can see the streaks in the hair.  The sunlight hitting a particular portion of hair.  I can see splitting on the hair at the root.  I can easily visualize this.  It's almost second nature for me.  I can even see a background... with clouds and grass and ponds and leaves; which I think is harder than clothing...  But my constant and true struggle is with clothing.  I can't see the pleats.  I don't know where the sunlight hits.  I cannot create mountains and valleys with my markers on dresses or shirts, like I can with hair.  It's super difficult.  I get comments (especially on Instagram) about my pleats, but to be COMPLETELY honest with you, I get lucky a lot of times... lol.  Honestly!  Which is why I have decided that as much as I will try, I will never really "understand" it until I take a class.  Hopefully by the end of this year I would have taken a class to help me in this area.  Until then, I will continue to color and make my cards and enter challenges and grow as an artist.

Til then, I leave you with this card.  I love the design and simplicity of it.  The idea of the faux stitched clouds came after the card was completed.  I searched the Stamping Bella website and found a new challenge that I wanted to enter, so I immediately added the stitched lines using a Copic gray multiliner.  I like the look and I think I will do it again sometime...

(the original [non-stitched] design is below) 

...But as you can see I struggled badly with the pleats.  Normally I would not share such a catastrophe, but how can I call myself an artist and an inspiration, if I don't share those not-so-perfect moments of my creative process?  It's not for anyone to laugh at or stare strangely at.  It's to be comfortable with your imperfections, learn to love where you are now, and have the motivation and desire to improve.

I want to thank Kathy personally for her challenge.  I had a conversation with my husband about this and I'd like to share it with you all.  I didn't enter this 30 day challenge with any expectation of winning any prizes that Kathy has offered.  What I wanted out of this was growth.  I wanted to push deeper into my love of coloring.  I wanted to learn a new technique (watercoloring), and I wanted to complete 30 days of being crafty.

I believe I have reached that goal, and I appreciate EVERY SINGLE PERSON who has been supportive via facebook, my blog and especially instagram.  You all have made me feel so enthused about creating and inspiring you more.  Thank you for the encouraging words and love.

"Your Kindness Always Blows Me Away".

Be blessed and have a Happy Easter!

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Sharla said...

Your card is amazing, what a very fun image and design! Love the stitched clouds.... I struggle with pleats as well but honestly think yours are awesome! I wish I had done all 30 days and push myself more and next challenge I will! I love the balloons too! Fab job D!! :)

Leah l'Orange said...

yeah, girl.
for the record, i SUCK at pleats and clothing too, so i feel your pain. i think you've come such a long way since we all entered this colourful crafty world and your cards are beautiful. i also send love for those moments of anxiety and frustration and, just, LIFE. because it's hard, and i'm rooting for you. xo