Hello Memories.

When I think about "Everyday Life", I think about the boring and mundane things we are involved in.  Because let's face it, unless you are Justin Timberlake or Jennifer Lopez, not many exciting things happen daily; and even for them there are days where they're just vegging out watching Netflix.

So what's so exciting that you'd want to document the "Everyday Life"?  The ritual things we do?  The bland and unimportant tasks we are associated with?  The exciting part is having those typical days captured forever.  Collectively.  In one album.  So 8 years from now, when you sit back to relax on one of your slow days, and pick up an 8 year old album, you can laugh at how ridiculously hideous your haircut was.  Or be grossed out at how much eggs you consumed in one week.

The exciting part doesn't really happen until later on.  When you're (for some of us) faced with old age, and you've lived your daily grind and now have the extra time to spare to look back at how life was 10 years ago.  I so look forward to digging out these books and reading through them.  Cringing at my awful handwriting and crying when I see a photo of my 4 year old son trying to figure out a game of Checkers in front of Cracker Barrel, or drooling as he stares intensely at a piece of Strawberry Shortcake, or seeing my sweet husband drive a long ways to take us on a mini road trip away from our "Everyday Life", because he wants to be spontaneous and because he wants to take his craft-addicted wife to Hobby Lobby to check out what's new.

THAT's the exciting part...
The memories.

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Be blessed.

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