Peace. Love. Joy. [tutorial]

One of the reasons I love working with mixed media is because it doesn't have to be perfect or straight or "normal".

Believe it or not, this card came about by me just spending time playing with paint and paper scraps.

I took photos along the way.
[just incase something really COOL came about - AND IT DID!]
So for the last day of this 25 Days of Christmas series, I am going to share a very detailed card tutorial.

I took this color theme from my favorite Christmas collection this year, "Good Cheer" by Elle's Studio.  You have seen me mention this several times on social media and my blog.  I can't get enough of it.  I might have to repurchase because I have been using it up!

But for this card, I used NO pattern paper.  Only the color theme.
Pink.  Teal.  Red.

I first taped paper down to my scratch paper (which happens to be my mom's Spanish grocery store flyer, lol.)
I started at the bottom and worked my way up adding acrylic paint from Walmart over a Tim Holtz "burlap" stencil, smearing it with my finger.  Having a baby wipe on hand to clean off the paint from my hands and start over again with a new color.
One color at a time, being careful not to mix the colors.
Why not mix?
Because I had tried this once before and the color blend was not pretty.

I like that some of the paint seeped through the stencil and created a bit of a solid blog of burlap texture there, individually.
Cool beans!

The next step was to create even MORE texture.
I brought in some Snow Tex.
In all honesty, I thought I was using Martha Stewart texture paste, but it dried the same.
So in case you guys are interested in purchasing, you can get the cheaper store brand.

I dried the paint with a heat tool and layed a "Speckles" Tim Holtz stencil over.
Using an old ID card I scooped some of that texture and smeared it all over the stencil.
The paint part was fun, but this part was FUN!

I then started to work on the words.
Peace & Joy are by American Crafts, and Love is by Freckled Fawn.
I layed them down on the versamark ink pad, making sure that I left a little bit of the veneer off to have access in picking it up without accidentally taking off any of that ink.

I then layed them on multiple layers of scratch paper, so as not to warp my Making Memories 24" mat, poured the glitter, cleaned my surface and used a heat tool to set the gold glitter.
I repeated this step for each letter.

I used glossy accents to adhere my wood veneers on that lumpy surface and it took a minute or more to get them to really stick.  I tried several placement ways for those words, but off to the right, hanging outside of my mixed media background, was where they looked their best!  I didn't want to cover up all my fun hard work! lol.

It was now time to embellish.

If you have followed my series this year, you'll know that I was a big fan of using sequins and liquid pearls.  It was just a matter of using the right ones for this card.  I thought about using white, but I didn't want the sequins to stand out against the colored background.  So I dug into my stash and found the Freckled Fawn "Oh Deer" sequins were the best match.  However, I didn't have a match for pink.  Nowhere in my stash.  So I decided to paint a white FF sequin with that pink paint.

Afterwards it looked dry and brittle, so added glossy accents to all of them, because doing it only to the pink looked off.

I added liquid pearls and the card was done!

I have a new favorite Christmas card in this series.
It's this one.
Right here.
It's so bright, fun and pretty.
I think I'll keep it and add it to my DD.
I just can't part with it!

Well folks.
I want to thank everyone who has visited me here in the past month.
I appreciate all of your comments, likes and repins.
I will probably share a few December Daily pages before the end of the year, but I really doubt that I'll finish it before January.  My plan is to be done by January 2, but things might be super busy at the end of the month....and then I also plan to take a month-long craft break.

That 21 Day Fast will return and I plan to join my church and husband!

But not to worry, because I'll be back February 1 with some cool news!

I wish you all a very special holiday and I pray that you understand the TRUE meaning of Christmas.

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Tina Campbell said...

Love this card! Thanks for the tutorial too :)

Berina RGA said...

wow!! this is gorgeous!! lovely colors... nice textured look... wish you a very happy Christmas :)
Moxie Craftie