one little word - 2015

as i thought about one single word that i would like to embrace and develop in 2015, the first and only one that came to mind was "TIME".

i really wanted to make a either a layout, or canvas or something fun that I can look at and get inspired by when i feel i'm failing this challenge, but [alas] i didn't have TIME to make anything.

i spend a lot of it wastefully.
whether it's browsing eBay or Facebook groups for crafty deals.
or instagram, looking at pretty pix.
i use up a lot of it doing nothing productive.

as much as i participate in church activities, blog and create and do, i STILL feel unproductive.

so this year i plan to keep a close look at TIME and manage it better.
i hope to remain focused and determined.
i plan to become less busy and more available for spontaneity.
i want to run a very tight schedule of my days/weeks and set more goals.
even if the goals are silly ones like "go to the park 3x this week".

if there's something i've learned about 2014 is to be more grateful for everything.
i have both living parents and siblings.
i have a hardworking husband
my son is smart and healthy.

but what i'm mostly grateful for is TIME.
it's freely given equally to everyone and can never be taken back once it's gone.
so part of 2015 will be spent documenting how thankful I am, which you can read about here.

i'm looking forward to a year of self-improvement...
and lots of extra time.

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Tina Campbell said...

Woohoo! I seen that you won the Grand prize #1 over at Elle's Studio! Wow is that a cool prize pack. Congrats to you :)