Holiday Cheer.

As much as I love [LOVE] coloring, making cards, taking photos, editing and blogging these projects, it does get exhausting doing it for 25 straight days!

No weekend breaks.
No late posts.
No oopsies.

It's very hard work.
But I do it because I love creating.
I love Christmas.
And I love sharing and inspiring.

The day I made today's card, I was just NOT feeling it.
I made it because I felt I had a deadline.
I made it because I had started another card
(tomorrow's card - to be exact),
and had to put it to the side because it was 3am and the card configuration was all odd and off.

I made it because my desk was full of scrap paper.
I made it because it was fast and easy.

I used Pink Paislee glitter stickers.  A wood veneer, glitter and an enamel dot.


Do you ever get in a rut?
That was me, 5 days ago.

I guess I was just feeling anxious because I want to start on my December Daily already.
I feel so behind!

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Anonymous said...

I am loving the way you attached the strips at the bottom. Great card!! You rock!
Sunshine Sharon

Tina Campbell said...

We all see to get into those kinds of funks :) I think that the card looks great! Clean and simple :) I'm in awe how you keep up with it I wouldn't be able to unless I did the cards in July :) Look forward to seeing your Daily I've been working on mine when I can

Berina RGA said...

nice CAS card... lovely strips at the bottom..
Moxie Craftie