Daizy Turned 5!

I'm convinced my dog is human and lesbian.
Every chance she gets, she wants to hump me.
Not my husband.
He tries too!
She just wants me.
And always at nite.
And always while I'm standing by the bed and my arm hangs down.
She mounts.
I tell her "Daisy!  Stop!  I'm your mommy!  And I'm human!".
(the human part should be first, huh?)
She's my toy poodle and I've had her since she was six weeks old.
And today she turns 5!
So this post is about her.

She's very friendly, but barks and squeals when a dog approaches her because she's traumatized by my parent's dog Sandy.  They hate each other, except when they are outside.  Then they could care less where the other is.  Inside we keep baby gates to separate them.

She loves playing catch.  Preferably with a ball or bone treat, but she'll settle for a candy wrapper if that's all available.  True Story!  Once I'm done with a bag of chips or something that contains a wrapper, she'll quickly get up and jump down ready to catch the plastic that I've folded into an accordion and then tied into a knot.  If I'm having a lollipop or popsicle, she's sit right on my chest or lap and wait til I'm done so I can throw it for her.  If there's still "juice" in it, she'll chew on it for a while and then bring it back so I can throw it again.

She hates taking baths or swims.  I've seen so many dogs love being in water, but not Daizy.  She will fight me.  I end up more drenched than her after a 20 minute bath.  But I've developed a system that keeps her calm til the end.  I start at her tail and hind legs then work my way to her face/ears in sections.

She is trained (with treats) to sit, roll over, play dead, dance, find her tail and say hi (with her paw).  I taught her this during her first year of life.  She's very smart and gets excited when I put on my sandals, cuz it usually means she gets to go out for a walk.  She takes lots of naps and usually snuggles with me at night when it's time for bed.  When she doesn't I'm calling her to me, because I've gotten so used to her sleeping in my arms.

She doesn't get along well with my 4 year old son.  When he was first born you can always catch her snuggling with him on the bed, but once he learned how to hit he has not stopped abusing her.  He kicks her, hits, throws down, pushes, squishes and lays on her.  He's so mean.  My guess is because he's jealous of the bond we have.  And sometimes, when Gio tries to hug or kiss me, she'll growl at him thinking he's going to hurt me like he hurts her.  It's on those rare occasions that I find them getting along, and when that happens I try to quickly snap a photo.

I have a few songs I sing to her.
"It's my toy pooooodle.
It's my toy poooooodle.
It's my toy poodle.  It's my toy poodle.  It's my toy pooooodle."


"Mama's toy poodle.
Mama's toy poodle.
Mama's toy poodle.
Mama's toy pooooooooodle."

Which is a lot slower than the first one.

(I make up songs [lyrics and melody] for any subject or occasion.  Ask hubby.  It's catchy cuz he sings right along, and so does Gio.  I made up a song about his butt this year that stuck called "Culi Snacks"... lol  I guess you just gotta be there to laugh)

She gets seizures.  I think it has to due with her breed (Maltipoo) and/or the fact that Gio would hit her head a lot when they were  younger.  It happens at least once a month and sometimes 3x a week.  It starts with the twitching of one hind leg, then her eyes twitch and become vacant, as if she is having a hard time seeing right in front of her.  She then limps or crawls (as she's shaking) to me so that I can pick her up and soothe her.  What I've learned that she likes is holding her tight (especially that shaky leg) and petting her head, giving her kisses and saying "It's okay, Daizy.  Momma is here."  After several minutes she calms down and it all goes away, but she likes to be held afterwards for a few minutes.  This breaks my heart.

She doesn't like dry food and sometimes will go days without eating because she just isn't in the mood.  Recently she had diarrhea right before Christmas that lasted 5 days and shook whenever we called her name in a disappointed tone, because she knew the squirts of crap juice were not supposed to be on the bathroom floor, kitchen, carpet, etc.  I even found her one day jumping in the tub and letting it out there.  But thankfully I was able to give her crackers and cook her some homemade (very bland) jasmine rice with white chicken (her new favorite) to nurse her back to health.  It's only been one day, but the crappy leaks are gone.

She's my fur-baby and I never understood what that meant til I got her.  She's my best friend and I tell her everything.  She senses when I'm sick or sad and does a little extra cuddling.

It's going to break my heart the day she's gone.  I pray that God takes her before I leave this earth, because I don't want her to suffer.

She's my toy poodle and I love her to infinity.

So, about the humping thing...
Is it cuz I show her the most affection and attention out of everyone?

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