December Daily Storage.

This Amy Tangerine set was my first mini PL kit and I loved how small and compact it was, however, even though I moved the cards out I didn't want to trash the cute box.  If you're like me, you HATE to trash packaging that you can repurpose.

Months later, I found, what would be, it's Destiny!

Once I received my December Daily 2014 kit, a gorgeous collection called "Good Cheer" by Elle's Studio, I knew I needed to place the little diecuts and embellies in something cute and functional.

Light bulb.

What happened next was just a good 2 hours of really fun crafting!

I first started to cut down the pieces and even some of the packaging slips that come inside the plastic sleeves.  They are a mini size of the original diecut, but they are perfect for using in your projects as well!

I measured out the box and the paper and began cutting my cardstock down to fit the outside and inside of the box.

I covered the inside and out with white cardstock and then strategically cut down these really cute and festive diamond shapes to be placed specifically a certain way on the box, that would allow me to add a title.  I then wrapped the edges with more of that gorgeous Elle's Studio paper.

(you won't find that pink star pattern paper in the collection, unless you look very closely at the edge of one of the sheets... that's right!  I used every aspect of this line!)

For the cover, I wanted 1 word and I wanted to use this $1 alpha set that I purchased at Target last year, but the color gray was a little off and too light.  I needed something bold.  I used a black BIC marker to alter their color.

For the inside, I knew I wanted the open box to be partitioned to keep the really tiny diecuts separate from the other items.  So I cut down 2 plastic packages that I saved from some Michael's brand wood veneers, and placed them inside the box.  I stapled them together with a tiny attacher, but did not glue them down, because I needed that divided section to be easily accessible and to give me storage room underneath as well.

Upon closing the lid I felt I still had more room to work with inside, and I knew I wanted to keep my card inserts together with the diecuts.  So I decided to use the Elle's Studio plastic cello packaging and glue that down to the lid of the box.  I knew the adhesive from the cello bag would run out eventually, so I added some festive washi tape.  Which will probably run out of adhesive too, so I have back up washi to help down the road.  lol.

Once I was done with cutting my little bits and pieces, I simply filled my box with all my "Good Cheer" goodies and closed the lid.

Incidentally, the lid is magnetic and does close with all the added cardstock glued on.  It works PERFECTLY!


I absolutely love this collection and I couldn't wait to get all of my December Daily supplies in the mail to start working with it.

I will be back in a few days to share my December Daily album.  I think by then I would've purchased at least one of their Christmas stamp sets too.  Or so I hope!

The best part is, I can easily reuse this altered project life mini box after Christmas with other Elle's Studio diecuts, because the colors, patterns and design are generic!

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AJ Scrapbooking and Cards said...

Wow this is such a great idea. I still have all my boxes. Thanks for sharing.

Berina RGA said...

such a great idea!! I store my die cuts in a plastic container...
Moxie Craftie