If you follow my personal InstagramFacebook or Blog, you'd know that I have mentioned my craftroom and that stuff has been packed in boxes since April.

Which is when we received a blessing from God to leave the 3-story townhouse we were renting and move out.
It was an answered prayer in that we had been wanting to move out.
The area didn't feel safe any longer.
It was tough keeping up with 3 levels of things and we just were tired of it.
The owners foreclosed on the house and the bank offered us "keys for cash".
The 11 days it took to donate, trash, pack and move were so hard, but I did it with joy.

I was so happy to go.
I was so happy to get away from that area.
I was so happy to downsize.
So many positive things came of it.
Even bought a cake to celebrate our last day there... lol.

(here's a quick snapshot I took of the last time I saw my old craftroom)

We have yet to find a place to live.
Either we're really picky, or God is guiding our steps.
Which is okay, but it has been a very frustrating, exciting, humbling, overwhelming, fun, uncomfortable, life-changing, adventurous, spiritual, freeing and boring experience.
Yes, all that.  lol.
It's a process that I know God has taken us through, and I believe the reason was to mature us spiritually.
For us to truly TRUST in Him.

My plans last year were so different from how I see my future now.
I wanted to be a stamp designer.
I wanted to be on a few DT's.
I wanted to Filofax my blog posts, my laundry sessions, my craft time.
But God...

There could be other reasons for this direction in life, but I haven't figured those out yet.  lol.
Through this I have learned so much about myself.  About the areas of my life that need work.
Things that need changing.  Things that need growth.
Deep things.
Inner things no one knows about.
Not even me.
Making more time for Him and less time on things that carry no weight or value for my eternal life...
but that's another topic that I didn't mean to get into here...
If this has peeked your interest, read more about my personal/spiritual growth on my personal blog here.
(i tend to update it monthly)...

So how & where have I been crafty?
In my parent's dining room, out of my IKEA Raskog cart...hehe.

It's been very challenging (in that I don't have access to all the supplies I own), but that has pushed me to be more creative.

I started out with whatever was already in my cart, but along the way I was forced to add supplies that either I REALLY needed and didn't have.  Or that I did have (stored away), but didn't have access to, like a paper trimmer.

And today, as I worked on personal errands and looked over to my cart, (thinking to share a photo of my little "craftroom" on IG), I felt ashamed at how unorganized and messy it looked.  So I spent the last hour cleaning it up, trashing clutter (like left over pieces of whatever), and organizing it better.

On the top tier I have every type of sticker and embellishment (except diecuts).  They are in order of size, type and color.  In the front I have puffy stickers and enamel dots.  In the middle section are random stickers that are smaller in size, next to a few packs of wood veneers.  In the middle/back are more stickers that are larger.  In the back are all my alphas in ROYGBV order.  In the way way back I have stencils and doilies.  On the sides of the top level I have photos to be scrapped/smashed, paper trimmer and dimensional adhesive.

In the side buckets I have a stash of those MME, Jillibean & Bella Blvd sticker labels (that I'm obsessed with).  I also have another bucket of tools (glue, scissors, etc.)

In the front 2 buckets I have things like washi, twine, sequins and flairs.

On the 2nd tier I have stamps, inks and diecuts that either came pre-cut (like by October Afternoon & Amy T.), or that were leftover from my Silhouette cuts, or that I cut by hand from pattern paper.

On the 3rd tier I have items that I barely use.  6x6 pads, PL cards, inks, mixed media supplies and punches.

On the side of the cart in a tote I have my 12x12 paper pads and 12x12 alphas.

When I get the urge to enter a challenge or smash a page, I simply pull the cart 12 inches closer to the dining table, set up my laptop to play some music, and get to crafting.

The cleanup is so quick & easy, that I'm considering downsizing my craft supplies EVEN MORE once we find another home.

I'm excited to start over.
My desire last year was to destash, downsize, declutter, sell, donate and trash.
I even read 2 books about it!
And with this process, I have been able to do all of that.
Even though I'm currently (somewhat) limited, it has taught me to be appreciative of everything.
What's important in life.
What I should spend more time on.
And that I really don't need every single washi tape or 6x6 pad in existence!

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~diane said...

You are simply beautiful inside and out! Love reading your blogs. You have a knack for writing! God definitely has a plan for you and your family. Many hugs!!

Tamika said...

Congratulations to you on sooo many levels. Change is so hard and you seem to be weathering it well. Even through transition your spirit is positive and I am truly inspired. When I am challenged I tend to shut down and retreat within myself and that serves no purpose. You are still crafting and living and I applaud you! Good luck in all you do and may you remain blessed.

coolmommaweed said...

There's nothing like a few trials to put things in perspective. I lost my job a few years ago and it's amazing how many things you thought you HAD to have or couldn't LIVE without, turn out to be so insignificant when you have to scale down and focus on the important things in life. It forces you also to be more creative because you can't buy or get access to everything you THINK you need (ex: cooking vs eating out; buying embellishments vs making your own) God has to take something away sometimes to make us see how much we really have.

Sharla said...

Congrats on the move and I love that you bought a cake to celebrate! I too would love to move and know that I need to refocus what I spend my time and how. It's nice to have help from heaven in the direction we should go, the internal things we need to improve and the more meaningful relationships to focus on, whether the relationship is with ourselves, our family or with God!

I'm impressed with your craft station, so compact and cute!! :)

~ŠǿƒŧβŖñ™~ said...

I enjoy listening to you "talk". I can tell it is so from the heart. You are correct when you say God is guiding you. Follow Him. He will not lead you in the wrong direction. Keep trusting and believing in Him!

Jossie Michel said...

Loved reading or listening to you in this post. I too live in a three story townhome and lets just say I feel you- its pretty spaced out. I own it and we too our looking to move into a house. I dont even care if it's a small house because a home is what you make it. Thanks you for sharing with us! My daughter moved home from college so I will give up my craftroom and will do the same as you and work out of my raskog cart. Thank you for showing me it can be done. I rather her be comfortable then my darn craft supplies!xoxo Jossie

ScrappingLatina said...

God bless you and your family mama... You seem to do a better job with a raskog cart than I can do with my room... Lol... Sending you scrappy hugs...xoxoxo