Project Life [wk 9 video]

Where have I been, you ask?
In the process of moving, and boy has it been INTERESTING...
[I'll save you the boring details.]

I want to get right to why I temporarily came back from a blog-cation.
For week 9 of my Project Life album, I used a mix of mainly the "Midnight" core kit and Amy Tangerine's "Plus One" collection.
I am so behind with my PL, having just printed week 11 (a few wks ago), and I honestly can't tell you what week we're on now.
I hope to have my craftroom set up by the end of June and get started again on my projects.

I recorded a process video more than a month ago and I finally made time to edit it.
4-5 hours later, I'm excited to share my first "Watch Me Project Life" video.
I don't know if I'll ever have time to do this type of video again, but I sure had fun doing it.

I hope you enjoy and subscribe to my youtube channel for more future videos.
You can also follow my Instagram for craft photos I share.

And for those who can't watch the video right now, I have added some photos of the finished project.


Be blessed, and stay tuned for week 10.

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