Stop The HOARDness!

My Mind's Eye has been one of my favorite companies to use for all types of crafts.

I'd tell you what collection I used to make these 3 adorable Christmas cards, but I put away the supplies and I don't remember the name.  It's an old collection.  My very first designer collection.  I loved it so much that I hoarded it for a few years.

I came across it a few months ago as I pulled out paper to create projects and decided I would use more of it.  The colors are so bright and festive, it's just my style.

One thing I learned this year was to stop hoarding.  I got rid of so much stuff from my home, clothes, toys, craft supplies and even kitchenware.  I was surrounded by too many things and it made life feel so cluttered.

The mentality that it's too cute to use really started to take over me a couple of years ago and I found myself selling old collections that I was once IN LOVE with for dirt cheap on facebook.  It killed me to do.

So this coming year I vow to use my new goodies right away (when I'm inspired and In Love with them), and not regret wasting money.

I hope you do the same.  You will be so glad that you got to craft and use all your new pretty goodies.

These 3 cards were made all within a couple of hours and was so fun to do.  They are basic style, easy to replicate and will surely put a smile on anyone's face.

I hope they put a smile on yours too.

If you have an Instagram account, you can search #HoardFreeIn2013 and see a few photos I've shared of my Dehoarding.  I absolutely LOVED doing this and will continue to do so through the new year because some time in October I got lazy/busy and stopped organizing.  But rest assure that by the end of 2014, my house will be completely HOARD free.  Beginning with my craftroom!

If you're not ready for it then don't force it.  You will not be happy and you will spend days/months thinking about all the stuff you sold/donated/trashed.  This process is difficult for many and takes lots of will power to do.  So don't force it.  If one day you wake up, look around you and say "I have WAY TOO MUCH STUFF", then I'd cancel all appointments for that day and take advantage of the moment.  Do what you have to do to declutter and I promise, you WILL NOT regret it.

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Tina Campbell said...

Super cute cards! I agree about the hoarding-to much makes you feel cluttered and made a packed myself to shop from my stash. I also agree with you on buy and use then it does make a good point to get it used

jessica said...

These are all REALLY cute!
LOVE MME papers too!!!
Festive and fun Damaris!

AJ Scrapbooking and Cards said...

Beautiful cards. I your snowman and he is just too cute!!!

HUGS An'Jenic

NormaJean said...

Oh Damaris!! Your Cards are so flippen cute, I love them
Hugs Norma