Photography Studio Tent Kit Review.

When it comes to the latest camera, lenses, photo apps and equipment I totally fall behind.  I have a Nikon Camera, that also records videos and the camera on my phone (which absolutely sucks).  So taking photos for my blog posts or for scrapbooking has always been an issue.

I don't know if you have noticed a difference in the quality of my photos here on my blog, but there is a reason for that.

I was contacted by Vanessa from a company called YESCOMUSA to consider using one of their photography equipments/set ups and it couldn't have come at a more fortunate time.

With joining a new design team and improving on my own craft work, I really needed to up my game when it came to the photos I took.  Having the aqua wall and my Michael's white cubbies as my backdrop was not professional.  And I always hoped that no one would notice how ghetto it looked... lol.

Immediately I was drawn to this Photo Studio Kit.  The price was very affordable and it came with plenty of elements that I could use not only for photos, but also to record videos for my youtube channel.  
24" Photography Soft Light Square Studio Tent Kit

As soon as I received it, which was a matter of days after I sent my request, I had my husband set it up, which was very easy to assemble, and began taking photos.

Where it sits in my craftroom is kinda in the way since it is 2 feet wide and tall, but that's because I wanted it to be close to the window for more natural light.  I guess now that I am using professional bulbs I really don't need to have it sit there (in the way - lol).  I just have to figure out a new location for it, but for now it sits there in that corner.  Where I used to take my old photos.  You can see the aqua wall.  lol.

Below is a photo taken inside the cube with natural lighting.

Now here's a photo taken inside the cube with the bulbs on.

Immediately you can see there's a huge difference when you consider how clear the 2nd photo looks in comparison.  I still use Picasa to edit my photos (crop and straighten), but with this photo cube kit I don't have to do as much photoshop on the actual photo to brighten it.  The light is so pretty and flattering.

My cards don't look that pretty in person.  LOL.

Just kidding, they do... hehe.

I hope you guys have found this post informative.  There's a ton more technical information to discuss about this kit, like how it comes with different colored velvet backgrounds and other stuff which I would probably confuse you with, so I suggest you click here and read all about it yourself.  Or you can just browse their site for other photo kits.  They have smaller and larger ones, depending on the nature of your need for your photos.

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