DIY Mickey Mouse Chocolate Oreo Cookie Pops

Happy Monday!!!  It's a very dark, rainy & dreary day here in Florida, but I'm in such a good mood (despite the fact that I wasn't able to get much sleep since we slept over mom's house in order to get some laundry done at a laundry mat [my 1st time], in order to be close to Gio's 9am appt., in order to spend time with them AND in order to catch up on editing some videos).  

Mom's computer is way newer and better than mine, so I took advantage, brought over all my photos & videos and have been working on it for a few hours.

I want to share an easy "sweet" project that involves very little money, time and effort and would make a great addition to your Mickey Theme'd party.

The photos pretty much share the "how-to" portion of this blog, but for more (exact) details just click on the following link to the video.  It will help you better understand the process.  It's super easy and so much fun!!

(click photos to enlarge)

I used the double-broiler method to melt the chocolate.  In the past I've used the microwave method and the chocolate becomes thick, clumpy and burnt.  I absolutely love this easier method and now am a fan of chocolate based crafts!!

Melt the chocolate 15 second intervals adding 1 spoon of Crisco for half a bag of Wilton Chocolate Melts.  This will make the texture of the chocolate extra creamy and easy to work with.

The products I used can be seen in this photo.  
Mini Oreos.  
Regular Oreos.  
4" Lollipop sticks.  
Wilton Candy Melts.

I found it easier & faster to make these pops
when I pre-assembled the ingredients.

Place your stick in the chocolate an inch deep.

Press the chocolate dipped  stock into the white cream center of the oreo.  Making a groove and turning the stick round and round to distribute the chocolate throughout.

Dip the small (split) oreos into the chocolate
and set on the larger oreo to form the Mickey ears.

Spread a nice amount of melted chocolate on the corresponding large oreo
and place over the bottom part (oreo, ears & stick).

Put them in the fridge for 5-10 minutes.  

When you take them out,
have the melted chocolate ready to dip the entire cookie into
and set aside again for an other 10 minutes in the fridge.


Now they are ready to eat.  I highly recommend having these with a tall glass of nice cold mild, because they are super sweet and rich!!

With the idea to make these labels with the intentions of matching the invitations, my husband and I got together and created this beautiful label.  It takes 3-4 steps and the outcome is so cute!!

If you would like to purchase these personalized Mickey Mouse labels, please visit my Etsy shop.


For instructions showing how I made the Mickey Oreo Pop stand, please click on the following video link.

Thanks for stoppin' by.

x0, Damaris

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