12 DOC - Day 9 : Sequin Snowflakes


I bet you are all up at 4am, prepping your ovens to bake and cook delicious meals!  Me?  I'll be making a ham this year.  I'm nervous.  My oven sucks!  lol.

And if you're up at 4am, you're either probably bored (since everyone is asleep), or HAPPY that you get quiet time.  Either way, I thought you might want to start your day with a little Christmas eye candy.

I love the colors of this Lawn Fawn Christmas collection.  The greens and reds are so bright and cheerful!

I used a Martha Stewart snowflake punch and created a pattern on top of the green mat.  I added gold sequins in the centers of each snowflake, and liquid pearls in the center of each sequin.  I like sequins as they are, but that hole in the middle sometimes gets to me.  I cut a piece of Lawn Fawn 6x6 paper and wrapped some white/gold twine around it.


Thanks for stopping by Day 9 of my 12 Days of Christmas blog fun and remember to READ THIS to know exactly how to be eligible to win the prizes below.

In your comment below, tell me what's your family's Thanksgiving tradition?  You probably told me last year, but I forgot.  I'm getting old.  lol.


Laura Turcotte said...

What a beautiful card!!!

I am up very early every day, it's my quiet time before I wake up my clan.
Our Thanksgiving was in October (I'm Canadian) and our tradition is very quiet. Just myself, hubby and the kids...with a turkey and all the trimmings, and dessert of course! We go around the table and we take turns saying what we are thankful for. Afterwards, we usually go for a walk...I guess to help digest..lol..but that's the way it's been for years!

jessica said...

Happy Thanksgiving Damaris! I know your Ham will turn out awesome :)
What a gorgeous card! I just love the colors and those snowflakes add so much...Simply beautiful!!
I am cooking Thanksgiving here at my house...18lb turkey..and I have been hosting Thanksgiving for the last 13 years. Favorite tradition besides all the yummy regular food...we make an old family recipe that gets cooked only once or twice a year~red cabbage~ and boy is it awesome!
Thanks for sharing and hope you and your family have a GREAT Thanksgiving!!!!

Teresa Godines #6857 said...

Happy Thanksgiving. Hop your family has a wonderful day.

We used to do all of the cooking but the last couple of years we have deferred to another family member. But we always spend time with family.

Love the snowflakes against that green background. Fabulous card.

Sharla said...

Beautiful card, I love the touch of gold and the pearl in the middle of the sequin.

I don't cook and even if I did...I'd probably ruin Thanksgiving dinner..but we just spend it with family, trading off each year to spend one with my family, the next with the husbands family.

Tina Campbell said...

Super cute and easy card! Oh I might lift this one case it is so cute.
I cooked Thanksgiving dinner here at my house...18lb turkey..and we have been hosting Thanksgiving with my family since we were married 20 years now, since Mom passed away it's be my brother and his wife when she is not working. This always makes Thanksgiving extra special

AJ Scrapbooking and Cards said...

Hi Hi Happy Late Thanksgiving Day!!! I was up till 2AM cooking just so I could have time to eat, sit and just enjoy my family. Every year I'm always up early cooking and this year I wanted it to be diffrent and I must say it was truly a JOY to enjoy my family and not stress over cooking a Turkey. LOL Any whoo this is beautiful. I love the snowflakes and sequins together they create a perfect boarder on your card. AJ-

Beckie said...

Can you believe that I still haven't bought sequins? I must get some. Love your card. Super pretty. Great 12 DOC Event.

Be blessed, Beckie