12 DOC - Day 6 : Subway Art

As I gazed on my desk one day at my favorite Christmas stamps, (see pic below), and admired how pretty they all are, I thought about how fun it would be to incorporate a few of each set to create one giant stamp.

Then, LIGHT BULB!  Something wonderful happened and thankfully my camera battery was charged up and ready to document it for you in a step by step tutorial.

It's not too complicated, but does take a little meticulous work.. so I hope you enjoy and are inspired to dig out all your stamps and play with them today.

Step 1 - Check your stamp stash and pick your top favs you'd like to work with.

Step 2 - Section off some white cardstock with washi tape and begin to assemble the stamps (facing down - the way you want the stamp to appear on the cardstock) inside the border you created.  Backwards, sideways, it doesn't matter, because we're making Subway Art! It helps if you tape it to your desk so nothing shifts.  Lay your acylic block on top of ALL the stamps at once, and make sure none of the stamps shifted.  If they did, start again.  Thankfully none of mine shifted....

...however, if you can tell, in the photo above there is a "25" stamp layed out,
but in the photo below it's missing.  That's because the thickness of the acrylic stamp wasn't the same as all the others, so I had to stamp that one out later.

Step 3 - Peel off the washi tape and use a ruler to create a black border (with a black pen) surrounding your subway art.

Step 4 - Spray your twine to gold to stand out and dry with a heat tool or overnight.  I used Heidi Swapp "GOLD" color shine.  

Step 5 - Build your card and add embellishments.  You can even color some solid pieces (like the stars in the top right corner) with your markers for some added POP!

Hope this was helpful and it'll get you excited to make some fun Christmas cards.

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