Mickey Party!

I Thought it would be nice to share with my blog followers, how we celebrated Giovanni's 3rd birthday.

We gave him a few options of party theme ideas and he chose to go with Mickey.  This both made me happy and sad.  Sad because I would've liked to do something different.  Happy because I would be able to recycle of the things I used for his 1st birthday party and also think of new stuff to make.

I planned this party in a matter of 1 week and made everything craft related in a matter of 3 days.  It didn't feel rushed, but once the party was over it felt like it didn't last very long.

I converted last year's Yo Gabba Gabba party cups into Mickey,
with just one punch & some glue.  hehe.

Mini empanadas, Congri (Cuban rice), Lechon (pork w sauteed onions), 
Maduros (sweet plantains), homemade Potato Salad (with apples).

A video on how I made this Mickey Mouse faux gumball machine
 is now live on my YOUTUBE channel.

You can watch it here.

I also created these adorable party favors using some IKEA jars.
You can purchase them from my shop, either pre-made or just the kits with personalized tags.
Click here for Mickey Kits.
Click here for pre-made/shipped to you Mickey Candy Jars.

These labels were originally created to go with the Mickey Oreo Pops,
which I also made for his 1st birthday.
But this time around I wanted it to be quick & easy.  So I just made reg chocolate pops,
and recycled the labels to add to the front of the pops.
You can use them either way.
These are also available in my shop.
Click here for the printable Mickey Pop labels.
Click here for the handmade/shipped to you listing.

Here we are in mom's bathroom, taking a silly pic.
The flash doesn't allow you to see my head, but there's another photo of me below,

I was feeling festive, so I TRIED to design my nails in a way to resemble Mickey & Minnie,
They came out messy because I was in a rush.
It was a last minute idea.

Giovanni got tired of waiting for us to cut the cake; we were busy taking pix.
So he decided to grab a spoon and help himself.

Thanks for checking in and thanks for all the birthday wishes.

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Berina RGA said...

Glad you had a very nice time planning and executing it.. Gio looks very happy :) and you look so beautiful :) all the party supplies are very nice.. the Mickey Mouse faux gumball machine is superb..
Moxie Craftie