So... if you have been following my twitter, facebook or instagram feed, you'd know that hubby and I have been neck-deep into the old, but popular show "LOST".

It happened one day after we re-watched all the seasons of "How I Met Your Mother" (yes it's THAT good), and were left with wanting to start a new series on Netflix.

As we browsed the shows, I saw a few that looked familiar, but were interested in something that had ended, so we can see it at our own pace and get immediate closure.  Unlike, now that we are in the middle of watching the last season of "HIMYM", and it kinda sucks that we can't watch it when we want.

"LOST" caught my eye.  We attempted to watch this show years ago on Netflix (when it was still airing on TV), but didn't get into it... it just all seemed confusing right from the very first episode.  I think I fell asleep after 20 minutes.  I guess I wasn't "ready yet"... (<--- inside joke for Lost Fans - hehe).

I'm proud to say that after one month of late nights, heavy snacking and frying my brain trying to figure things out, I (we) made it through 6 years (seasons) of LOST.  And yes, I am absolutely thrilled that I watched it in such a short time, because I don't think I would've kept my sanity having to wait 6 years for answers.... lol.  So right now, I am on LOST overdrive.  I was going to leave a lil cute post on facebook about my thoughts, but that post became too long and I didn't want to scare any of my friends.  So I decided to share my thoughts here with you.  And freak you out instead.  LOL.

I absolutely LOVED the chemistry between Sun & Jin.  It felt real.
It WAS real.  I still can't believe she cheated on him, but I am happy he was able to get over it.  It was sad and at the same time sweet, how they died.  Reminded me of Titanic.

I didn't care much for Claire or Charlie.
I get they needed a preggerz to show the whole "preg women die here" theory, but I just didn't like who they cast as those characters.
They were just goofy and not at all great actors.
Especially Claire in the end when she went nuts.

Sayid & Shannon were also a couple that didn't look right together.  Not because of their ethnicities, but I just didn't feel a "real" connection between them.  They were just actors playing a role.  I did, however, love Sayid's character.  Torturing people and all.  Even when he turned "evil" or "heartless" I enjoyed his role and I'm glad he made it to the end of the show.

Okay, now as for this group, I have a lot of thoughts.  I loved that there was always a push and pull between Sawyer, Kate and Jack.  I like that they both had an interest in her, but when it came to sexual tension and chemistry, I thought S&K beat out J&K.  With that being said, I still thought J&K made a great couple.  It seems once their issues were settled, they looked happy and were able to be good together.  Juliet, however, did not make a great match with Sawyer.  It felt scripted (which it was), and not genuine.  They just needed a storyline.  Juliet was better with Jack.  I didn't care too much for Juliet.  She was a traitor that finally came to her senses.

I loved Hurley.  He was one of my favs.  He was funny and always brought humor to very bad situations.  But in season 6 all I kept thinking about was what they used to make his really frizzy curly hair so soft and tamed!?
I need some of that ish, yo!  Do you remember him season 1?  DUDE!  It was bad!  If you can find the answer to this question, I will forever love you.

Now Locke.  What was up with that guy?  He gave me agida.
I liked that he was brave.  He hunted.  He protected and played a major role in a lot of the storylines, but that little bit of power got to his head at some point in season 3.

I started to dislike him by season 4.  But I will say that they cast him perfectly, and I wholeheartedly believed that guy was Locke.


As for the rest of the characters, they will always remain with me in my thoughts...

Yes, even BEN!

He was so freaky and evil and sweet and intense and crazy.  I loved it.  And those EYES!!!  lol.  Did ya'll know he was in the first SAW movie?  I knew I knew him from somewhere, although I don't remember him in the movie.  I just know cuz I googled his name and saw it was there where he looked familiar.  Now I gotta watch SAW again.

I'll miss Ben and his eyeballs, Sawyer's hair-flipping and nick-names, Hurley calling everyone "Dude", and Ben with his "Party of 5" look-away stare / head-shake move that he still does, but I am excited that I finally finished it and got my answers.  I'm happy to get back to living a normal life again (as opposed to staying up til 2am trying to guess what was going to happen).  However, I am also upset that my husband convinced me they were all dead the entire time on that island; which is probably why I didn't allow myself to connect with them more.  And if you watched the show and still don't know the answers, read this, it helped me understand at what point they did.  

Because [[SPOILER ALERT]] they ALL DIED!

But whatever your feelings are about the show, here's mine...

It was a Long Overblown Survivor Tragedy, that I'm going to miss.

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Anonymous said...

Lost was my favorite series but was so disappointed by the ending. I thought that it was a cop out. I really loved the love triangle between Sawyer, Kate and Jack. Thought that the time jump to the 70s was weird. There were so many twists and turns. Did not like the Jacob storyline at all. I really have to rewarch the show.

Thanks for jogging my memory. What will you be watching next?