3 Years Old.

Since the day I found out I was pregnant, I worried about losing my baby; and it didn't end after I gave birth.
I've heard and read so many stories of "crib death", and crazy accidents by the pool or even in the bathtub.  Which made me extremely careful in everything I did with Giovanni.  I barely slept the first 6 months of his life, for fear that something wild would happen as I rested.

He'll be 3 years old tomorrow and I have planned a fun day of everything he loves.  Mickey shaped pancakes.  Swimming (crossing my fingers that the weather will be nice).  Chuck-E Cheese.  And a small cake.

Saturday is his "official" mini party and he chose the Mickey theme himself.  I wanted something different like Sponge Bob or Sesame Street, something we've never done before.  And even though there are only 7 people attending, I still wanted to make it special.

His only request for his birthday was cake and balloons.  He REALLY stressed "CAKE".  Easy, but this crafty momma just HAD to make something fun & cute.  I made adorable Mickey food picks / food flags and will be making other things for his special day.  (You'll see in a future blog post).

At age 3 he knows the complete alphabet and the sound each letter makes.  He figures out the first letter of every word by sounding it out.  He spells his name and even some 3-4 letter words.  He loves solving puzzles & problems and helps me SMASH once in a while.  He loves when I read to him and pretends he reads along.  His favorite toys always involve either wood blocks or letters and numbers.  He counts to 20 and can understand how many of something there are.  He's not afraid to swim in 6ft of water, but doesn't realize that his float vest is what's keeping him from drowning.  (let's not tell him - lol).  He has finally mastered his colors and always brings me my chapstick and phone, because he knows they are always stored in my bra.  lol.  Our mommy & son baths don't happen often, so when they do he takes advantage and doesn't want to get out.  His charisma, humor and knowledge of things far surprasses anything I expected in a 3 year old boy, and I have no idea how he became so smart and grown.

I haven't stopped worrying that something might happen to him one day, but I have faith that God gave me this gift for a reason.  I have made it a point to make sure he learns as much as he can.  I know every mom says their child is smart and cute, but this boy... there's something different and special about him.

He knows that I have a weakness for watching him sleep at night, which is why he gets away with dragging his Brobee pillow and baby blanket to our bed every night.  And even though he kicks my husband's spine, and slaps me in the head while he sleeps; I'll always welcome him back.


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Dottie said...

He is just such a sweet little guy. I love reading about Giovanni about as much as I like seeing your creations. Happy 3d birthday, Gio. God bless.

Berina RGA said...

advance birthday wishes to Gio :) I can partially understand your feelings.. Being pregnant now, only the faith in God pulls me through.. I will maybe understand the rest after giving birth :)