Thinking Of You.

I have been too lazy to even admit that I have been suffering from the loss of a little mojo.

I have been inspired to do pretty cards and pretty layouts, but I just have not made the time and I have not FELT like doing it.  If that makes any sense.  I have not been wanting to be in my craftroom for a couple of weeks.  Maybe because it's full out summer here in FL and it's been raining for weeks.  I forgot what the sun looked like.

In any case, it's been FOREVER since I created a project for Scrap Happy Ohio, and I decided over the weekend, that I would start on something.  I colored in Valentine Girl With Balloons, used Glitz "Cashmere Dame" paper, Pink Paislee Vintage Vogue ephemera and pulled everything together with a Some Odd Girl sentiment.

I hope you check out their shop.  They have a lot more cute image stamps for sale.

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Teri said...

Well, I'd have to say your mojo has returned!! what a cute card and what fabulous coloring!! Oh and a darn cute stamp too!!!

Sharla said...

I think I have an idea where your mojo has gone, although it looks like it didn't go very far, as this card is just darling!! If I have picked out your Odd Idol project I'd say you completely outdid yourself!! We will see if I'm correct on which project is yours...although I'm pretty confident that I'm right!! :D

Damaris said...

@Sharla I thought I recognized your photo!! hehehe... How are you? Girl, as we PRican say about something we cooked that tasted good, "I put my foot in it"! Meaning, I worked so hard on it that even my foot helped. LOL.

Thanks so much on figuring out which project I created. :) I hope you were right. hehe.

x0, D

Sharla said...

I can tell you worked your hiney off on your project and I'm pretty sure I'm right!! :D

Friday can't get here soon enough....just to get over the nerves of it all! ;)

I'm doing good thanks! :D

Alyce said...

gorgeous damaris!!! i love th eblack and purples... such a fun design aswell :)