Day 3.

Yes, I skipped Day 2 "Educate on something you know a lot of".  I had to.  I know a lot about nothing.  Maybe reality TV and what chips go well with what beverage, WHILE watching reality TV.  lol.  Sparing myself the humiliation... let's move on to Day 3.

What makes me uncomfortable?

1. When people stare at me more than 5 seconds.  At my hair.  My butt.  My nails.  My face.  Basically anything.

2.  Knowing when someone is telling me a lie.  I wish I had the same gall to confront them about it.

3.  Big family functions.  I love seeing family, but it's so awkward when you don't really keep in touch all year long.  How do you have small talk with people you don't really know?  It's just so weird and uncomfortable to me, so I tend to just be quiet.  Which makes me look like I'm stuck-up.  But really, I haven't the slightest idea what to talk about.

4.  Exposing my thighs.  (you'll never see anything above the knee, unless we're going swimming).

5.  Asking a stranger for help or directions.  Like a sales person at a store.

6.  Taking photos in public.  If you follow my Instagram, you'll see TONS of pix of my daily life, but I usually take the "outdoor" ones secretly, because I get embarrassed when someone catches me taking a pic. I don't even take photos when I'm out with friends, cuz I'm embarrassed to ask them.  lol

7.  When people publicly compliment me or my crafting.  In a way it makes me smile and feel flattered, but it makes me uncomfortable when others see.  I love receiving private messages with kind words.  Those are my favorite.

8.  Talking on the phone.  I used to be such a chatterbox when I lived in NY, and after I got married, I began to hate it.  LOATHE talking on the phone.  I rather text or email someone.  I only speak to mom and hubby on the phone.  Sometimes my sister and niece.  But that's very RARE.  It's that awkward moment at the end when you want to start saying goodbye and the other person hasn't finished.  Or even worse, when you know there's nothing left to talk about and you're both still trying to think of anything other than the weather to discuss, knowing FULL WELL you want to end the torture and hang up.  I HATE that feeling.

9.  Public speaking.

10. Receiving RAKs.  They are nice, special and fun, but I get so embarrassed.

After reading over my list, I realized I don't like speaking at all.

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