Day 19 - Favorite Blogs

As I was working on my "Blog Everyday In May" challenge, (that I'm totally failing and cheating at), I decided this list of favorite blogs deserves its own post.

Day 19, Sunday: Five of your favorite blogs and what you love about them.

#1 - Krista (owner of Saturated Canary) is a funny blogger, and her content is inspirational.  She challenges me spiritually and humanly.  I love her writing style, her "coolness" and especially her uniqueness.  She is the one who has inspired me to write more about myself and everyday life, and not just about crafting.   She's sweet and very generous.

#2 - Alyce is an AMAZING artist.  Her copic coloring skills are insane.  Like, I'd love to see how she started out, because to be that awesome she'd have either a true gift from God, private lessons with some artists or have tons of experience under her belt.  The best part is how HUMBLE & SWEET she is.  She's my Copic Crush!

#3 - Gabrielle makes the most breath-taking 12x12 layouts I've ever seen.  Her attention to detail and use of many different (around the house) items is so cool.  I just love her style and her ability to use product in different ways.  To create her own flowers and to share an entirely different and new layout each time.  Amazing talent!

#4 - The Odd Girl herself, Kristy, is one of my favorite copic artists EVUH!  First of all, I just want to say that I have tried out for their DT a couple of times and have not made it, but this did NOT, in any way, disappoint or discourage me.  It just made me try to get better at what I love to do.  So I would love to thank the people at SOG for the motivation and push they gave me.  Secondly, this chick has some amazing tutorials.  Her videos are always funny and very informative.  I'm usually hanging out with my family when she has her Color Along Ustream shows, but I try to catch up later.  She rocks!

#5 - And last, but not least, Jennifer's take on cards is very simple, yet elegant and always beautiful.  Her clean stamping and bright creations always put a smile on my face.  And the fact that she's often having giveaways is a great bonus!  lol.

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Laura Turcotte said...

Great choices---I already followed 3(krista, Kristy, and Jennifer) and now found 2 more inspiring artists!! Thanks!