Couture Smashbook [back To basics]

Since I normally look through magazines when I'm watching tv in bed, and since that's the ONLY time I ever think to cut out pieces of this and that from those magz, I created a very small (because I don't want hubby to feel like I'm about to take over another room with my crafty items - lol), spot for my Couture Smashbook.

Originally I thought I'd be using it to show my #OOTD (as Twitter & Instagram has labelled it) "Outfit Of The Day" photos, but I hardly ever take any of those since I'm never really dressed up.  I am a SAHM and spend LOTs of time at home with toddlers.  There's no need to get pretty for that, right?  lol

Although, I can still add my #ootd pix to the book, but I see it going in another direction.
I went back to my roots and with the help of a Scrapbook Case I got for a really good deal at Michaels, I set myself up with a very compact smashbook bedroom kit.

It contains 2 types of scissors.  The orange is for cutting basic things, the white is for fussy cutting (when I want to cut something in detail or with particular edges).  3 types of washi tape.  2 journal pads by Recollections.  Smash pen.  Glue.  Some of my old alpha stickers.  Speech bubble sticky notes.  And the couture book.  It's very simple and it's keeping with the original smashbook idea... what it was intended for when K&Co first introduced it.  Cut, glue and journal.  Easy.  Some people do do it that way, but I've always made mini layouts out of my smashbooks.

In any case, since I do my "Couture" smashing at night (cuz hubby goes to bed early since he's up before the roosters), while I watch tv or youtube videos, I won't exactly be having very "professional" photos to share.  These were taken from my phone and uploaded to my Instagram.

P.S.  If you wanna stay up to date on my daily life you can always follow me Instagram because I share (mostly) ERRTHANG!  lol.

I hope this post helps you to shake off the intimidation of smashing and just do it!

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