About Me in 250... [maybe]

I found this "Blog Everyday In May" challenge via Krista's blog.

I decided that I would give it a try... it's either blog or play spades on my phone at night.

Day one's challenge is "The story of your life in 250 words or less" except, it's May 2nd and I'm already behind by 2.  lol.

Let's give this a try...

My name is Damaris and I was born in New York, NY in 1975.  I am of Puerto Rican descent, my parents were born and raised there and it wasn't until I went to Pre-school and started to watch Sesame Street when I learned how to speak in English.  I have 1 sister and 2 brothers.  Raised in church [a Pentecostal STRICT church], and spent a lot of my adolescent life wearing long skirts and sporting UNSHAVED legs... traumatizing.

I went to a great H.S. and majored in Computer Science.  In college I majored in Computer Programming, but always loved my English / Writing classes the most.  [If you ask me now to do anything computer-related, I'll just pass you onto the hubster - lol].

I grew up very sheltered and this made me shy.  Mom would put the fear of everything in me about everything and so I was always afraid to do anything... to go outside alone ... to talk to people and be friendly ... even with family.  I was always shy.  This is why I have taught Gio how to be independent and friendly.  Everywhere he goes he says Hi and Bye to strangers.

My first job was fresh out of college.  A doctor hired me to transcribe medical reports for him and to keep up with his home office.  I worked along side a girl I went to elementary school with.  For some reason she never liked me.  lol.  That job ended after a couple of years, but through that job I was able to get another working for a company in Midtown Manhattan.  My commute was simple since I lived in Downtown Manhattan (still with my parents), and it was at that job, that I met my co-worker Nadine, (who also incidentally didn't like me at first because she said I resembled her ex-BFF who stole her bf), and through Nadine I met, what would be, my future husband.

Now the true testimony of how I know my husband and I are soulmates is quite long and very weird (if you don't believe in God or anything spiritual), so I'll save you the details, but basically he was one of Nadine's online friends for a few years.  I went to her house one day to chill and got on her Yahoo.  Started chatting with a few of her IM buddies, one of them being Axel.  He stood out to me for some reason, and after a couple of weeks of chatting we spoke on the phone.

Our first phone call lasted 8 hours straight.  He was so funny and cool and understood everything I went through growing up in a STRICT Pentecostal household.  I couldn't stop thinking about him that day, all day at work.

Our second phone call lasted 9 hours and by the third [VERY LONG] phone call, I knew I was going to marry him.

BANANAS, because he lived in Florida and I in New York.

After 2-3 months of "dating" online and over the phone, I decided to travel down to West Palm Beach and meet him in person.  Our first date was at a popular downtown spot where there are shops and eateries and a huge theatre.  I walked right into a jewelry store and started looking at engagement rings.  [I JUST KNEW!]  He was walking around the store (far away from me), but still kinda lingering around and pretending to look.  But really (after discussing this day over), he was sweating and freaking out that I was in there looking at pretty engagement rings.

Never EVER thought about getting married to anyone before him.


We would travel to see each other maybe 2-3 times a year and only get to see each other for a weekend or a week at a time (if we took the same vacation time).

He proposed on February 10, 2006 and we were married November 25, 2006.  I moved to Florida in October 2006 and as blessed as I already was with the man of my dreams, my job offered to let me work from home, [medical transcription].

I worked up until February 2010 when I miraculously became pregnant with Giovanni [another testimony I should probably share with people].
I never heard of Michaels or any crafting stores when I lived in NY, but I always had a love for crafts.  Specifically Smashbook-style.  I used a HK book to document our dating life, which is still not finished.  But it wasn't until I moved here that I realized how much I love crafting.

With the money I made working from home I slowly began to build my craftroom furniture and supplies, to the point where all I did was shop for stuff and never really used any of it.  Mainly because I really didn't have time and I was still a newlywed working in the church as a Secretary and on the Praise Team.

Today I'm a SAHM, babysitting a 3 year old girl during the day (half days), and taking a little bit of time each day to play with paper and blog about it.

One of these days I'll have a clean enough room to either take photos or video or both, to share with you all.


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