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Since I've been so super busy with Mother's Day prep and other side projects, I haven't been able to keep up with my daily blog challenge.

So I decided to do an all in one.

Day 7, Tuesday: The thing(s) you're most afraid of.

I am deathly "afraid" of hair.  It's a real condition called Trichophobia.  A morbid disgust of hair.  It started when I was in my early teens and grew worse after I got married.  There were times I had to have my husband wash my hair for me because I couldn't bare the feeling and thought of having wet hair run down my back and hide in places where it shouldn't be (if you know what I mean).  

After grossing him out with how much hair loss occurs during each wash, I decided I would have to pay to get it washed.  $5.00 plus tip at The Hair Cuttery.  I was a regular.  Some ladies did a better wash than others, but I always left satisfied that I didn't have to be the one to run my fingers in gross wet hair and have it fall on the floor, or worse, MY BACK.  

When I was younger something (really silly to most people), happened.  I almost choked while eating and it was the result of a very Very VERY long hair that was WAY down my throat.  


Now-a-days, I kneel over the tub, pull the shower head down and wash my hair with a towel in between me and the tub to soak up any spills.  In the beginning this process took more than an hour.  I have now cut that time in half.

But the kicker is that 2 times out of 5 that we each out, there is a hair found in my food.  Has happened so many times that I almost always am ready for it.  Sucks because I get to a restaurant so hungry and suddenly lose my appetite.

I'm also afraid that there would be a terrible accident while my husband drives to/from work.  Or that my boy would come down with something fatal.  Or that someone will come to our house to rob us and we end up in bed at gun-point. Maybe that's why I can't fall asleep easily at night?

Day 8, Wednesday: A piece of advice you have for others. Anything at all.

1.  Be yourself and don't worry about what people think of you.  

2.  Always forgive.  That person who offended you or hurt you is sleeping well at night while you stay up thinking and worrying about the fight or drama.  The best way to rid yourself of it is to FORGIVE them and move on.  You will free yourself of the mental torture/baggage and live a happier life.  It doesn't mean you're "letting them off the hook", it just means you're letting yourself be happy.

3.  Count it all JOY.  This is taken from one of my favorite bible verses.  James 1:2-3.  Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness.  Yes, even when the trial means having to sit in traffic, or worse, dealing with a slow driver.... lol.  It's something I have to work on daily, so I haven't yet conquered it, but whenever I get frustrated or upset about something I repeat to myself "COUNT IT ALL JOY".

Day 9, Thursday: A moment in your day (this can be just a photo or both a photo and words)

Since "Thursday" hasn't really happened yet, I'll share with you my favorite moments of this week so far.

1.  Going to the pool with my 2 boys and seeing how independent Gio is in the water.   He loves kicking out on his own and has finally learned to purse his lips while doing it so no water gets in.  

I honestly think he'll be a lifeguard one day.

2.  Visiting mom after her very extended trip up north.  
As you know she went there because my cousin was on her deathbed.  She could not change her flight so ended up being there nearly a month.  

I was happy to see her and she was so happy to see Gio.

3.  Getting back to my SMASHy roots.  

For the Couture Smashbook I'm doing something different than all my other books.  You'll see exactly what it is soon and maybe I'll even have a tiny giveaway here, so stay tuned for that.


Thanks to my 2 very girly friends Yeya & Sharon, I've been in the mood to let my natural nails grow out.  I normally use gel tips (which can run me $40 each visit and I don't mind paying), but I really like all the pretty polishes out there and the fact that I have to go EVERY week to get a fill for my nails to stay "fresh" was becoming annoying.  I never did it, so I never polished my nails 
because you can see the gap in my nails and it looked redic.  

So I'm happy to say that I have started a new treatment.  It's different and tough because I NEVER polish my nails, and this regimen requires me to do so every 3-4 days.  Tomorrow I'm due for another polish change.

I am excited, however, because I got tons of new girly manicure-type goodies.  Like high end polish remover and so many pretty new polishes.  And even some new tools.  

I'm currently in the works of finding the perfect storage solution for my polishes.  I like the idea of having them displayed.  So when I walk into my bedroom and I see one that stands out to me that day I will get motivated to keep up with my self-manis.  However, I do want to keep a small caboodles for my core kit.  My files, cuticle oils, nail primers, top coats, cuticle cutters, etc.  This way I can just grab a polish and my mini caboodles and sit in bed, watch tv while I do my nails.

I'll keep you updated on how that's going... if you want.

5.  I finally took the plunge and purchased a decent pad of watercolor paper.  In the past I used some crappy brand that warped the paper.  I thought it was my fault.  But over the weekend, I got the paper (because I fell in love with a stamp that was originally priced at $17.99, but was clearanced out for $4.99 at Michaels, and that was PERFECT for a Mother's Day card.)

Anyway, so that stamp looked like it would work best with watercoloring.  So I got some Canson paper and LOVED playing with it.  I'll show you tomorrow what I made.  This was my tester pic.

That's all for now folks.
Come back tomorrow and check out the watercolor Mother's Day card I made my MIL.

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