The Best Memories.

Even though I'm a SMASH*aholic at heart, I continually purchase 12x12 collections and sheets of paper because they are just so beautiful, and with the best intentions of using them.  Sometimes it's to cut them down and make mini books, but 99% of the time I do it thinking it WILL give me the push to get away from my comfort zone.

I do layout-style smashing (as you've seen), but for some reason the pressure isn't as great when it's in a binder.  I literally second guess myself, look around for inspiration, think it through over and over and don't relax and just scrap, like I do with my smashbooks.

Yesterday after I smashed a couple of quick layout-style pages in my Creative Chaos binder (which you'll see soon), I felt the urge to break open a new collection I've been hoarding and do something different.

[WONDER WOMAN!!!  *spin* *spin*]

Most of the items on this layout is by My Mind's Eye Collectable "Unforgettable", but the rest were things I had close to my desk that I thought would go great on the layout.

It's very simple, very balanced (which I love), and the colors blend well together.  Accomplishing those three things on a 12x12 gives me heartburn.  lol.

I can't deal!

So soak it up people, because God only knows when I'll share another 12x12.  lol.

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Kimberly James said...

You should definitely do more 12x12's. Everything about this is perfect!!

Samantha Wright said...

Super sweet page x